What’s in your spray bottle…

Dr. Brown’s Healing Water is the best water for your spray bottle -pure form or added to your distilled or spring water mixes.

Notice I did not include tap water. Why? Because you could be in an area that has high amounts of calcium chloride naturally occurring in the water which is salt -that dries out hair and skin. Salt has its place- that place is certainly not your hair (unless you want to flatten and possibly damage your kinks curls or ringlets so they are lifeless)
So what’s in your spray bottle?

Try making some tea and using it as your spray for your hair by adding Dr. Brown’s Healing Water structurally enhanced water – we are all getting great results with it at Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body. The best water I’ve found to date and keeps working progressively when taken daily internally and sprayed often.
You will find that your styling products work better -they can actually do what they are meant to do on hydrated strands.

Add some essentials to your homemade mix like geranium for toning your scalp and providing a sense of courage; ylang ylang for balancing out those sebaceous glands that could be overactive; lemon for cleansing and clarifying: juniper for oily scalp and hair and spiritual grounding with self esteem boosting qualities through its aromatherapy… I can give you so many more.
Consult with me 973-619-2855 for your personalized regimes and product recommendations.

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Also experience Felicidad Hair Sugar for scalp clearing cleansing clarifying moisturizing and more for your hair and body. Bonheur Felicidad pictured above is available as a Renaissance experience upgrade to your session and is a client exclusive.

Shockingly Sweet Sunday 2 strand flat twisting classes


After being shown the technique and what I call “the flow” – to the left and to the right -Amira went on to complete a full head of two strand flat twists for her daughter. Yes, it takes practice and she did a great job!

Check back for more pics and some video on her custom experience and the results.

They’ll be back for more classes and she will receive a certification from Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body. You want this too!

We offer caregiver classes as well as services because it’s what you need and have asked for. Caregiver classes are offered on Monday nights 5:30-7:30pm for clients who have consulted with Ahava Felicidad and have the basics of natural haircare, know our concept and wish to expand skills of at-home care.

We believe that it’s only right to help you through education and skills practice because why should you struggle at home. Be empowered to do more.

Every natural situation is unique and many caregivers have more than one child so time and finances may be limited for reserving ahead and reserving everyone.

With that, if we teach you a few new techniques that make your job easier and you are given the choice to come in on those special occasions everyone wins and we have more happy well groomed little ones who embrace their hair. Not to mention more happy adults who are not stressed about doing their kids hair and overusing products. We hone in on that with you too.

Classes start at $75 often with 3 packs of consecutive for a discounted rate. Your consultation will be $75-$300 and you will save hundreds maybe thousands of dollars over time because you know more. Once your babies are 8 years old they can be served in the studio and begin to take Be Naturally You hair programs for girls.
Call us to find out more, reserve your consultation and register/customize classes. 973-619-2855



Hair Clothes Nails! Oh My! Classic Consultation Event October 19th 2014

October 19th is coming soon! There’s still time to get your tickets and you are welcome at the door – Seating & Grab bags available to the first 12 people.


Ahava Felicidad is the owner and founder of Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body

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“Serving the already natural and holistic and the new to natural and holistic”

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Style Haven is owned and operated by Wardrobe Stylist Corin Wright.
Style Haven Boutique is NJ’s best kept secret. Tucked away in downtown Montclair we have a little something for everyone.  From our curated hand selected vintage finds to our homemade soy candles that permeate the boutique you are sure to find a perfect item to take home.
Have a closet full of ill fitting garments?  We can help you with that we offer an array of Style Services which includes Alterations and closet consultations.  Our clients enjoy shopping for unique, affordable pieces and our stylist enjoy scanning the globe for the best pieces to offer.
Style Haven
190A Bloomfield Ave.
Montclair, NJ 07042
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Damarise’s Journey II

Check back and subscribe for more of our natural journeys. Visit the YouTube for Damarise’s first video set and first ever crochet weave! Great for those with fine/medium density hair – alternative to traditional weaving. Weft Free – easy to manage and last 3-8 weeks based on care. Damarise took out her only crochet weave at home before coming in for this session and it took her a total 3 hrs.

We offer take out services and education on self removal so just ask when you call to reserve your exclusive services.

Studio PURE by Ahava Felicidad
260 Bellevue Avenue
Upper Montclair, NJ 07043
By reservation to serve you #thebest


Our next event: Hair Clothes Nails! Oh My! Sunday October 19th 4:30-7:30pm
$45 includes group consultation, grab bag, Jamberry Nails demo, vintage Pop-up with Corin Wright of Style Haven Boutique Montclair, NJ, reserving for hair & become a member.

How to Take out Braids – Always

By reservation at Studio PURE by Ahava Felicidad in Upper Montclair, NJ USA My hometown- #localandglobal

Call us because you are extremely interested in joining the team or becoming an affiliate 973-619-2855 Get creative because Ahava is not only a natural hair guru – she is a graduate of Temple University’s School of Communications and Theater – in school at the same as some other celebs, almost celebs and famous people in history and culture who went there or professed there…can you name a few?

Run a video showing Ahava what skills you bring to the table – get creative with your “resume”. theholistichairhealer@ahavafelicidadhairandbody.org