Welcome Christina to Team Naturiotic!

It’s another Steadily Expanding Saturday!

We’ve been on this journey together now since Fall 2013. Oh how time flies when you’re hair healing and styling. Through the ebbs and tides of the transition and the harsh winter we’re just coming out of, it’s no wonder she- Christina – was ready to release her straight ends. RAINBOWS!

With a beautiful head of kinky curly hair – 4a,b & c mix – she begins the journey of natural for the first time since that very first perm.

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She tried the transition once in undergrad – got six months in and headed back for the hills! So many naturals I’ve talked to tried it once, twice or even three times. This brings me to remind you that you need support on the natural journey. It may not come from where you want it to come from or who you want it to come from -it will come – as long as you have made that decision the universe will find a way to answer your request.  I say that only because for some at the beginning they get resistance from those closest to them. This can be upsetting and deter many transitioners from pursuing the freedom that natural brings. There is enough going on inside your own head about this HUGE endeavor -the how, when and why.

FORTUNATELY, as you become stronger and more accepting of your decision (most times for your health) the resistance will become excitement, wonder and LOVE of the new you – continue to evolve.

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It’s Musical Mommy Monday and we’re here with another video to show you some of the #wonderful things happening at Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body in Upper Montclair, NJ USA and beyond #localandglobal This video will have edit bubbles later for tips and guidance and where to find still photos of more hair journeys of our natural clientele and affiliates.

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