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Hair Healing Experiences bring families together in ways you may never be able to describe in words.

Experience it for yourself. 



When you  are happy with your hair the universe hears you.

What will you tell the universe today?


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to reserve, find out about specials that may not be posted on line – client exclusives are the norm in our “out of the box” experiences. Many custom packages available to meet your needs as a natural from Classic Deeps to 3 Strand flat twists, Crochet and Beading techniques and Brazilian Knotting.  Maybe you just want a really good scalp and hair cleanse  – shampoo free and paper towel only drying.

No where like this in the #hairuniverse until we train on our concepts…

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New Team members wanted in many dynamic positions. Work with a natural professional in haircare and styling over 30 years with a degree in Broadcasting Telecommunications and Mass Media from Temple University and more.

You have no idea how far you can go with Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body.



And the Winner is…

Laureen of New Jersey – also known as Natural Honeycomb of Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body has been chosen to receive an 8oz Felicidad Hair Sugar – Coconut Lemon Cake for participation in the August 21st 2014 version of “A Taste of Natural Jeopardy”.

Laureen answered the correct question to 12 of 40 game posts. 

Thank you for playing Laureen and continue to #playtowin! 


Foundation Client since 2011 Started Loc Journey 2013



A Taste of Natural Jeopardy 8.21.14

A Taste of Natural Jeopardy!

Thursday August 21, 2014


Must be a fan of Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body  on Facebook to WIN!

We’re on LIVE for two hours to bring you one of  our favorite games with a natural twist.

We give the answer and you tell the question. A member of Team Naturiotic will be posting LIVE from the Dr. Brown’s Healing Water meetup or a secret location. 

All of the questions answered are about naturals, transitioners, natural hair everything and more natural things.

It’s simple:

  • Log in to Facebook
  • LIKE the Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body page, if you are not already a fan
  •  Play by commenting your answer- the question – below the post

There will be 3 winners – answering 20, 25 and 30 more right questions to our answers.

Each of the 3 winners will receive a

FREE FRIEND level membership to

Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body

Click here for what a FRIEND gets.

  • Tiebreakers will be decided based on exact minute of comment.
  • All submissions will be counted on Friday August 22nd with winners announced on Saturday August 23rd.
  • Winners will be contacted through Facebook and followed up with by email and/or telephone.



Want to join the team in marketing, sales, PR, outreach, membership support, natural product buying club support, Felicidad Girl, natural stylist? Just send Ahava email with your request to join the team in the subject line and share your expertise.  Get creative because she loves video, bright colors, natural things and to know you did your research.

“Balancing the Universe One Natural Head at a Time”

3 strand flat twisting with Kailyn


Ahava Felicidad

The Holistic Hair Healer

Recruiting for Team Naturiotic Sales and Marketing of Memberships, Felicidad Hair Sugar and Certification Workshops and more.

Call 973-619-2855 to follow up after sending resume, letter of interest, position desired (must be commissioned) – must research before you call. You should be able to tell me all about my business and why you are a good fit. Make it creative and keep in natural. Surprise me!

3 Strand Flat Twisting for Corkscrew Definition

3 strand Flat Twisting is a great way to create a longer lasting twistout in kinky curly and kinky z pattern natural hair. 

I learned how to 3 strand flat twist one day just by doing it. I intuited it, then decided to look it up and found a few people on YouTube running videos on it back in 2009. What I saw was that the videos weren’t really clear so we provide this angle with the hopes that you can see more of the technique. Now, I can do this on myself and for clients and also teach it in certification workshops for natural stylists

You can come in and experience this service and natural stylists can do certification workshops by request. Parents/Caregivers can also request to do this as a FUN class with their daughters so caring for natural tresses at home moves to the next level. 

. Clients can classes on 2 strand 3 strand rope twisting and some learn these maintenance techniques in Renaissance Consultations. The PLUS is our most popular type of consult and can be reserved for individuals and groups.

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