3 Strand Flat Twisting for Corkscrew Definition

3 strand Flat Twisting is a great way to create a longer lasting twistout in kinky curly and kinky z pattern natural hair. 

I learned how to 3 strand flat twist one day just by doing it. I intuited it, then decided to look it up and found a few people on YouTube running videos on it back in 2009. What I saw was that the videos weren’t really clear so we provide this angle with the hopes that you can see more of the technique. Now, I can do this on myself and for clients and also teach it in certification workshops for natural stylists

You can come in and experience this service and natural stylists can do certification workshops by request. Parents/Caregivers can also request to do this as a FUN class with their daughters so caring for natural tresses at home moves to the next level. 

. Clients can classes on 2 strand 3 strand rope twisting and some learn these maintenance techniques in Renaissance Consultations. The PLUS is our most popular type of consult and can be reserved for individuals and groups.

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Everyone Is a Hair-Brain

Massage Massage Massage to stimulate hair growth as well as brain activity.

Not only is it critical for people to massage for stimulate hair growth – it is of utmost importance to massage to stimulate the brain activity that manages our bodies functions.

In my hairhealing and styling sessions, the wet massage, co-wash with Felicidad Hair Sugar and structurally enhanced water Dr. Brown’s Healing Water, your brain’s activity is being stimulated.

I remind clients and the public all the time to massage. Before the internal, the topical and the like.

You can start making a difference by massaging just 2 minutes a day.

Massaging the hair line with just your fingertips to start promotes brain activity in the prefrontal cortex (whatdayaknow). Trying to crack that idea open? Get massaging and get some more hair growing while you’re there.

Our hair is a protective covering for our scalp and all underneath. It is a direct extension of our central nervous system, hence, stress, dehydration and malnutrition will lead to hair loss. Lack of touch to the scalp and hair leaves them both feeling left out of the picture of your life since everything is connected. You can choose to stimulate brain activity through exercise, touch, mental activities like games and tutoring and meditation.

I remind my clients that when we massage the fringe area, we are activating long term memory, skills and activities.

Those with thicker hair on the right – tend to be more intuitive, more sensitive, subjective, musically inclined while being less logical, analytical or objective –  these are “left” brain functions.

Overall, most people use both sides or can use both sides, just happen to be stronger on one than the other.

I have noticed a pattern in my own clientele where out of 100s of clients, I’ve had less than 10 with thicker hair on the right.

When we talked in sessions, I’ve had to remind many of my lefties to take it easier, do more creative things and meditate more because overactivity on the left side in terms of stress has led to and does lead to the hair on that side growing slower or not at all. Thick YES. Long and supple, elastic, happy – NO.

This will show in all hair textures, densities and lengths although will be most prominent and visible for women of color with kinky and kinky curly hair who are in-charge, at-large, lacking self-care, and overwhelmed by life’s responsibilities, not admitting to it and having been trained/raised to think – did you read that? THINK – about everything – it’s time to do more INTUITING – be more CREATIVE and take better care of yourself.

Hair and all 

Treat yourself to some hair healing and styling – Conditioning Massage and Styling to easier maintenance of your tresses and locs.

Good to Know: using my Felicidad Hair Sugar – promotes massage – you can’t skip massaging while using hair sugar – it’s a part of the process and necessary in order to dissolve the sugar which exfoliates the dead skin cells on your scalp – those same dead skin cells, can and will over time, block hair growth.

Also Good to Know: Using one of my top distributor products- Dr. Brown’s Healing Water  – for drinking, spraying, adding to your natural care hair and scalp care products will hydrate you – provide cellular repair and detoxing, while clearing your skin and helping your hair to be more moist. Not to mention that hydration helps you to focus better, improves cognition and gives you more bounce to the ounce.

Even more Good to Know: Young Living Essential oils – the highest quality food grade essentials in the country (I’m a distributor) – are great for many reasons -

Basil and Peppermint in particular – when inhaled are known to boost brain functions.


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It’s Always a Good Time for a Swim

It’s always a good time for a swim!

So I am asked many questions daily….

I LOVE this!

A Most recent FAQ:

Do you have info on prepping/treating natural hair for swimming?

A Most recent answer:

If you are ready to swim – some serious swimmers can do this:
1) Precoat with a natural leave-in conditioner in sections – jump on in and enjoy – precoat again as necessary – you may use more conditioner this way – whether in salt water or chlorine- this gives your hair a protective coating. Sunflower oil is also great since it absorbs the rays of the sun and is a protectant with loads of vitamin E – It could be used as an oil rinse or added to the leave in for more moisture.

2) Precoat with natural leave in conditioner or leave in conditioner with sunflower oil, then layer with a silicone, latex and then another silicone swim cap – Modell’s has been known to carry the over-sized Speedo swim caps that are great for women of color with masses of hair.

3) Mix and make an avocado pre-swim smoothie – I’ve made this before -just may do this for the summer again -
puree avocado, add olive oil and raw honey plus some extras for a pre-swim smoothie – for those who like to mix and make- find where I first found my “not so secret recipe” through the curls.biz site and recently here: http://suburbanbushbabe.wordpress.com/2009/07/07/milk-honey-hair-smoothie-prepost-swim-conditioner/

4) Let’s not forget that I would, although rarely recommending any type of shampoo, suggest trying the Aubrey Swimmer’s Shampoo (more like a cleanser) for when you get out and then condition again or oil rinse. This is personal preference and a must for some hair textures. Every pool is different – public or private – with regards to the amount of chlorine or other chemicals are used to keep water “clean”.

Going the extra mile:

Also try this technique if you really want to keep the chlorine from getting to your hair- be mindful that if you are the type to “run” hot – you could find yourself sweating profusely (abundantly or excessively)- I would go one step further and add the essential oil of lavender for calming and cleansing – you can of course try other essentials based on your needs.



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Light Colored Kinky, Curly or Wavy Hair?

Hey there naturally beautiful or handsome human reading yet another

Fancy Free Friday  post from me!

It’s all about the Australian Deep –

read along to find out more…

If you have color in your hair to lighten or enhance your already brown, bronze, sandy, cinnamon, or even chestnut strands – you know that you have to deep treat more often than your naturally light natural friends (natural meaning, free of chemicals and no relaxer or perms).

Deep treating hair in general should be done at least once a month. There are ways to keep your natural hair moist and hydrated so you could potentially stretch it out – although it’s so much FUN to take care of your hair and scalp.

Some naturals opt for every 2-3 days styling with great natural moisturizing creams and butters, refreshing with complimentary leave in conditioner sprays and royal-like Heritage Brand RoseWater and Glycerin.

Other naturals have lifestyles that lead them to braids and two strand twists and 2 strand flat twists that they leave in 2- 3 weeks at a time – spraying, hydrating and moisturizing intuitively.

As long as you are doing something –

it’s always better than nothing.

Would you go a week without lotion? I hope not. So, just like your body needs moisture and care so does your hair. I am all for my concept of co-washing with Felicidad Hair Sugar and structurally enhanced water – Dr. Brown’s Healing Water for exfoliating dead skin cells, cleansing the hair and hydration at the cellular level.

This preps your hair and scalp so that your styling products work better and are not just building up in the hair. Every deep treatment should be preceded by a cleanse with sugar scrub.

Now the Renaissance Deep…

just note that Renaissance Deeps usually contain three or more essential oils- this one made it into the Renaissance tier because of the history of the main oil ingredient.

 Australian Deep – named for one of the main sources of the Walnut oil also known as American Black Walnut. Walnut oil is also sourced in France, New Zealand and California.

Historically Walnut oil was known to be used by Renaissance artists as the main oil for their paintings because of the thickness and smooth quality. It is of course edible and less commonly used or thought about because of its expense. Walnut is best used cold although in hair I use it for its high moisturizing value and when a client is in a deep only natural body heat rises to warm the hair and scalp.

The Australian Deep is a custom blend of Organic Walnut Oil, Natural based conditioner, Raw Honey (usually local), Organic Lime and Organic Lavender essential oils.

As you will see in the pics below – the mix is green – naturally – only from the organic lime essential oils mixed with the other delectable ingredients.

Lime imparts sheen and is a cleansing essential due to its citrus source while it is also antibacterial. Its aromatherapy benefits include stress relief, uplifting to mind and body and helps with concentration.

Lavender also imparts sheen while cleansing the scalp. It has antibacterial properties and will soothe and heal minor cuts and abrasions. The aromatherapy benefits of the blend are balancing yet it can boost stamina and energy. Since it is an adaptogen, it can assist the body when adapting to stress and imbalances.

How will this deep do that for you? 

Well,  the essential oils penetrate into the skin in 3 minutes and into the cells of the body in 30 minutes. Bringing you back into balance and helping you have a better day and night plus your hair is getting the moisture and hydration it needs to sparkle, glisten, bounce and flow.

The raw honey is healing for the scalp and adds softenness in the hair as a humectant.

Treat someone you know or yourself to

Renaissance Deep today!


The Australian Deep - natural - truly natural hair and scalp care for naturals - did I mention it's natural ;0 LOL

The Australian Deep – natural – truly natural hair and scalp care for naturals – did I mention it’s natural ;0 LOL

Applying the deep

Applying the deep

average 27-30 sections in session full saturated - #trainwithAhava #consultwithAhava #hairhealwithAhava and #teamnaturiotic

average 27-30 sections in session full saturated – #trainwithAhava #consultwithAhava #hairhealwithAhava and #teamnaturiotic

In the Deep - the best deeps you'll experience in the #hairuniverse with #ahavafelicidad and #teamnaturiotic

In the Deep – the best deeps you’ll experience in the #hairuniverse with #ahavafelicidad and #teamnaturiotic

After the Australian Deep 2

After the Australian Deep 2 $100 Deep – Renaissance Flow and Glow or can be added to a Styling session and you’ll save $10. Do a 4 pack and get a special treat at your fourth reservation.

After the Deep - enhanced naturally colored hair

After the Deep – enhanced naturally colored hair

Classic Deeps, Renaissance Deeps, soon to come Baroque Deeps – all named for classics, old school classics, classical music, classic things – “that’s a classic”, Renaissance time periods-specifically my favorite time period in history – The Harlem Renaissance! Ask me about it in session or in person – I’ve got some history knowledge – ;) – what do you know about Baroque?  Imagine what’s next….

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