Hello world! Buenos dias el mundo!

Welcome to my world of natural haircare and guidance.  What brought you here?  I know. You need my assistance with caring for your natural hair.  Happy to serve you.  I am doing this because first and foremost, it is my spiritual calling.  Specifically, I care for your “magnificent, naturally kinky, curly, wavy, straight and all mixes in between” hair. I do hair & play a little music, plan to travel the world and teach. 

You can spend less time on the internet trying to figure it out on your own and weeding through hundreds of sites (which are a blessing all their own, since it didn’t used to be like this).  They were hard to find before and now naturally curly websites and blogs are everywhere with a few repeat faces on YouTube offering some great tips on styling and maintenance.  You can still search but you have found me –  and I want you to be loved, adored, feel blessed and happy about your natural hair- now and forever.