Client Sending Blessings & Gratitude

I had the best talk with one of my clients today who has been taking the bus from over three towns away to see me for her hair healing services.  I met her while on a break from substitute teaching (something I’ve done while planting seeds and building my business).  She had several complaints about her hair and the treatment she received with “stylists”.  I just wanted to help her to feel better about her hair – leading her to feel better about herself.

She was so sincere in her gratitude for having me and had a lot of questions about her hair.  She wanted to know why certain things are the way they are with my services and the information that I share with my clients.  She thanked me for providing her with answers that are most times so simple for me and complex for others.  She wanted to know the difference (or what I consider the difference) between a cut and a trim since so many told her she had to keep cutting.   She again thanked me for giving her what she needs and told me that so many wonderful things have been happening in her life.   She magically received a car recently and was excited to be able to drive to see me yet still considering the bus out of habit.  She talked about all of the compliments she has been receiving since she started seeing me and called it “exceptional” and that the experience she was having was “surreal”.  All I could do was smile, feel good and know that I was helping her in one way that trickles into other aspects of her life as well as my own.   She has never spent the amount of money that I receive for her hair healing services and called it “well worth it” and “amazing”.
As a hair healer, this being my spiritual calling, not a job, career or other definition by trade, it’s my life’s work to do what I do in the way I do it so you can love your hair.

She said that there are so many judgments that she makes about herself but  at least she knows she can love one aspect- her hair- because of me and because of her commitment to herself in addressing that aspect of herself that is outwardly visible to the world.  With every word that came out of her mouth, I felt rainbows, light and love surrounding me.  I felt more confident in myself and my ability to help her along her natural journey and really listened to what she needed on a level that even surprised me.
Step by step, planting seeds along the way and manifesting more than hair health and growth. Now and forever.


One thought on “Client Sending Blessings & Gratitude

  1. Oh thanks so much Ahava! I am quite pleased with your work with Kendall’s hair! It looks great and so healthy! Kendall’s hair is still fabulous, so many compliments from family, friends and strangers stopping me to ask how and what do I do to keep her hair so healthy! Nonetheless, she does need a follow-up.
    Kelly Austin, Montclair, NJ mother of 6

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