Hair is Spiritual T

Hair is spiritual T. The T is for the Tension that one of my recent clients expressed having as a child whenever she attempted to look at herself in the mirror. She talked about the tension felt from seeing all the masses of her curly hair (not yet appreciated) and just feeling out of control with it, not knowing what to do and not having help with organizing the chaos. To imagine her cringing at her own self at a young age and developing into a woman, with some of the most beautiful hair I have seen, was unreal. But I know it happens since I hear it from young girls at least weekly these days. All of these emotions poured out as she was recognizing the beauty of herself and how far she has come during her hair healing experience and recognizing the journey. She acknowledged that she still had steps make and more self-consciousness issues to shed while being so proud of herself and her progress in the present. I reminded her of her beauty and as I do tell all of my clients because it is the truth, “you are beautiful, as you are with your natural hair and you will keep getting better”. I love it and I appreciate it and I know what’s it’s like to have gone through the transition, change, then transformation into a natural woman loving my own natural hair. That was it’s own awakening. It takes great strength, character, resilience, loyalty to self and a commitment to something you know will be great. The “big” forehead issue she described – having everything to do with hair since the hairline determines the presence of the forehead- which I know from people growing up rang sooooo irritatingly in their ears and crushed the blossoming pure loving hearts of those close to me was heartfelt. I always looked at it as having more face to see and love and I was able to appreciate their true beauty beyond the hair. Sometimes in organizing the chaos we discover a hairline we did not even know we had. That has happened to a few of my clients just from taking care of their hair at a higher level than before. The hair wasn’t growing because they weren’t doing anything to promote the growth and had not been taking care of their hair on a regular basis to see their true hairline. The thing is, that person-that loving spirit – has to feel it in their way, on their terms, when they are ready with a little guidance, support and help from those who truly believe in sharing the light. I still feel that way to this day. Be blessed and thankful that GOD gave you any hair on your head with the potential to grow and be nourished -and for those of you have that forehead issue-let it lay-give it to GOD-you have more face upfront for a reason. Love yourself and take good care of your natural hair. If you can’t do it on your own – I will light your way to me for assistance.


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