Hair Is Spiritual E

Hair is Spiritual E for Embracing.  Embracing your natural hair as it grows out of your head requires great strength, courage and self-appreciation.  I had a client in my hair healing chair today who has been with me for several months.  She started off with braids, then kinky twists, after having shown me a photo of Jill Scott with one of her wonderful natural dos.  This beautiful woman has made significant progress and we are seeing hair manifesting in her most needed areas.  Confidence in her has been lifted to another level and it was most blatant when she said she felt ready to wear her own hair out.  It was something I hear often…”I am on the fence.”  There is always the air of uncertainty in letting the hair go free of braids and twists and entering the unknown of wearing it out.  It’s not long enough yet.  How will I maintain it?  Am I sure I have time to do this at home?

Embrace it and be ready to move forward.  Acknowledging her progress and acceptance in where she is in the process helped her get to this point.  She still has goals-no question about that.  I know the exact moment it happened but it took her a few more months to verbalize it.  It happened when I had her come in with another client of similar hair type & length – a little younger – a little daring – yet still shy but serious about making the change for the betterment of her  scalp, hair and body.

Both were getting extensions or adding hair for their own personal reasons and consulting with me about their style and it’s effects on their hair health and growth while still feeling good about themselves and fashionable.   The more seasoned naturally kinky came in sporting her 3 inch fro as is and ready for something opposite of what she would normally do.  The newer client observed and I could hear the wheels moving in her head, feeling the acceptance that the other client was already moving towards.  She commented on how she really liked her hair and wished she could do that as well.  It’s only a matter of time.

Embracing the natural you is huge.   Today’s client received her second two strand twist style, and left smiling- The first time around was very different.  She left poker-faced and feeling that she had to accept it.  Smiling and skipping out of the salon is not what always happens after a hair healing session.  You need to time to adjust and time to truly see yourself and your natural hair.  First time around, she was standing right next to the fence closer to the other side – baby steps to embracing.

Today she had moved away from the fence.  She was ready for it today and with every question answered I felt her taking more steps through the garden beginning to smell the flowers and walking towards the house where she will finally fully embrace her natural hair.  I was confident in giving her more tips on maintenance, review and recommending what more needed to happen at home.  It all happens in time.

Along with embracing ourselves comes the embracing from others around us.  Since we are all connected in some way and our differences make us the same, it is natural for some to want to come closer to feel the light of self-awareness.  She mentioned that people were coming closer to her and wanting to touch her hair.  This did not make her feel so great and she wanted to know what to do about it.   Been there and it’s a very sensitive topic.  She touches her own hair often as well-another key to getting there faster with accepting our kinky curly wavy or straight locs and tresses.  It’s no wonder they want to touch too.  Who wouldn’t want to get closer to someone who is embracing themselves and walking a path towards positivity and more prosperity in their lives?  Unless you live in a deep, dark dungeon and just refuse to see anyway out – you truly want to embrace yourself -badly- and wish to have the strength, courage and self-appreciation as well.

There is a certain degree of uncomfortable feelings that come when people get too close and you are not ready or have not given your permission for them to reach out and touch your hair.  Our hair has spiritual and practical depth.  Because of who I am and what I know and feel about natural hair, I ask for permission.  Not everyone is going to be like that.  My guidance is to imagine the person as a baby who is learning about texture or feelings for the first time ever or that you are the only person of your character in a new place.  People want to get to know that new you that is so different from them.  Imagine that you just look so fabulous to them that they want to be near you to share what you have going on.  Your hair looks that much better, you feel that much better about yourself and every time they see you they feel that shift that is happening with every step you take away from that fence -Embracing your natural hair.  They want to embrace themselves and empower you as you empower them.  Like the woman who touched Jesus’ robe for healing in a crowded marketplace – they are seeking the light that you bring from embracing your natural self and recognize that you are healing from loving your natural hair.  When we let ourselves shine we give others the confidence to shine their light too.  Embrace the love and be open to receive.  Hair is Spiritual E – Embracing your natural hair in strength, courage and self-appreciation.



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