Hair is Spiritual C

Hair is Spiritual C for Cinnamon. Not only is this spice great for speeding things up in your body internally – it’s great for hair treatments.   It’s an age old remedy with a twist that’s all my own and so many love the way it smells.  You almost want to eat your hair or better yet go home and bake a pie!  I mix cinnamon with olive oil and honey warm it up and section from ends to root.

Cinnamon is also great for keeping apples from going brown.  I knew about it’s natural preservative qualities and never considered using it on fresh cut apples before.    So when my client shared with me how she got her apples to stay “fresh” –  free of browning by using cinnamon, I was deeply moved and excited to try a portion of my hair remedy in breakfast & lunch creations.   It was like a mini science experiment and it worked.

I sprinkled cinnamon on apples and they were clear and crisp on day two after having been sliced and bagged.  It worked so well I tried it on peaches too.  What a great twist this made in making breakfast smoothies more flavorful.  I even froze them! Hair is Spiritual Cinnamon.   Hair continues to bring us together in a bonding experience unlike any other, sharing a little more than just what you use to get definition from your curls.  Hair & body foods are an essential part of our lives.  It just feels right and good that many of the foods we eat can also be of benefit in our hair.

Love your hair- now and always.  Blessings, Light & Love     Ahava



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