Hair is Spiritual D

Hair is Spiritual D for “DOUBLE BACK FLIPS IN THE AIR”.  I have so many thoughts, visions and experiences that lay the foundation for the happiness in my life.  I count my blessings, instead of counting sheep and I find delight in my interactions with my clients.  I love to do hair.  I love being a mother who has a naturally kinky curly girl who loves her hair.  I love helping others embrace their natural, explore the myriad of possibilities they had no idea existed and empowering them along the way.

“I want to do double back flips in the air!” exclaimed my daughter while she jumped up and down like a jumping bean – and I mean like a jumping bean. She smiled ear to ear and her energy was so high that I wanted to jump up and down and share in that feeling as well.  So I did.  We were walking down the street after she had her personal healing session where I put yarn braids in her hair.  It was new, fresh, creative and cool.  She was unsure of the outcome but relaxed and got into the flow.  She even helped measure out the yarn.  We got a new style out of it that I had never created before and she loved it.  We had talked about the many uses of yarn and what can be done with it in hair but she didn’t grasp the idea until seeing it on her own head.

Hair is Spiritual D.  Double Back Flips In The Air!  I was at peace and in my hair healing zone while parting, sectioning, cutting yarn, moisturizing and laying the foundation of happiness all over her head.  Having your hair done is an essential practice for personal well being and can raise your spirits because you feel good about you when your crowning glory is truly glorified – magnificent.  There is an inner peace that envelopes your soul when all the hairs on your head are well taken care of and you have a beautiful style that is just you.  The time taken out for hair is special time like none other.

DOUBLE BACK FLIPS IN THE AIR! what a way to describe the good feelings from having your hair done with love.  I love to do hair.  Children are especially sensitive about their hair and going into a salon atmosphere.  Hair healing shifts that sensitivity as I remind myself and sometimes the younger generation that they are the future- right now -in the present-since it’s a gift.  Starting with our children helps them to be accepting, loving, nurturing adults who love their hair and themselves.  Having positive experiences with our hair gives us the wherewithal to continue the journey with stronger faith in ourselves.  We all know how good things are when you love yourself, shine and allow others to shine.  When you feel good about your hair- how you look – you will spread those good feelings to others, be more open to giving and receiving on a larger scale.

“I want to do Double Back Flips in the Air!” smiling ear to ear and jumping up and down like a jumping bean also helped me experience the great feelings that come from getting more help in the kitchen- happy, fun help – cleaning up without complaints (you mothers know what I am talking about-that felt amazing :o) and loads of hugs and kisses.  This time my sometimes camera sh kinky curly girl was all too ready to shine.


Happy Healthy Hair & Body



Style lasts up to 3 weeks. Can be cleansed and yarn is amazingly easy to take out leaving hair soft with the right "hair vinaigrette" mix for removal.

This style is called the "The KAYLEN" named for the Princess Creator of the Len Pets TM

Imagine what you will want to do when you love your hair


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