Hair Is Spiritual Z

Hair is Spiritual Z for Z’s Teas!  My clients amaze me on a regular basis.  I learn something new about them and from them in each hair healing session.  I am having so much fun.  So Z is a client who owns her own business and takes care of your nails in a most natural way.  I knew about this from the beginning and then recently learned that she also loves tea.  Making it and drinking it.  She is blossoming into a curly pro and I love to hear about her water bottle mixes.  I called them “hair vinaigrettes” – you know -because in terms of naturally curly & kinky hair, water is as essential as oil and they go well together. 

Hair is Spiritual Z for Z teas.  Z buys her own herbs and makes special mixes for cold and sinus, female empowerment and more.  She came into the salon one day after her session spreading the love and bearing fruits (tea that is). She mixes the herbs, seals them in those really cool natural tea bags and she even labeled them with ingredients and helpful info.  She had this passion and spirited energy when she talked about her teas.  It just felt good to the soul.  Like when I do her hair – she is always ready for something new and exciting and is passionate about her hair like she is about her ability to make some glorious tea.  Hair is Spiritual Z for Z tea’s.  I love doing hair and I love supporting all that makes my clients feel good about themselves through the hair healing process. 

Happy Healthy Hair & Body – Blessings  



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