Hair is Spiritual S

Hair is Spiritual S for sugar scrub, scalp, skin and STAY.  Wow. Yes. More words this time.  As I laugh to myself – aloud-  I write to you today in my state of increased confidence  -thanks to Dr. Brown’s Healing Water! Hair is spiritual S for my love of sugar and its effects on the scalp and hair.  A lot of you out there had no idea that sugar is good for your hair regime.  I meditated and got answers about what I could do for lifting more layers of dead skin cells in the scalp.  I read about flax seeds and knew about coffee grinds and poppy seeds from my work with them in making refreshing exfoliating soaps.  So what about the hair and scalp? Sugar is an emollient, softener and exfoliant all in one -plus some.  I began adding it to my mixes months ago and loved what I saw it do for volumizing thin limp hair and lifting up those layers that need to be cleansed.  Freeing your scalp of build up is like the maintenance you must do in your garden for your flowers to blossom. Think of your hair as your flower garden, the strands are your blooms and flowers and your scalp is your fertile soil -the ground you cultivate.  Hair is spiritual S for the sugar scrub you can massage into your scalp and lift dead skin cells just as you would when grooming and taking care of the skin all over your body.  If this is new to you too -please try it today.  Make sure to look at your skin-hands, feet and face before and then after.  If you have a great moisturizing scrub with something like olive and avocado -you may be able to go lotion free. LOL! but not too long.

Hair is spiritual S for the skin. Your skin is your body’s largest organ -taking it back to kindergarten for you…we often forget this and we are reminded that what you put on your body -goes into your body- soaks right in through those tiny “holes” called pores.  So be mindful of what you put on your body and in your hair and scalp -those count too.  Give your scalp the hair and body foods that it needs and your whole body will be thanking you by keeping things moving.

Hair is Spiritual S for STAY by Stacey Angela – designer, entertainer, woman following her passion and using her skills and creativity to bring you something unique in the fashion industry.  She made me these cool crochet earrings that even my daughter was amazed at – recognizing the difficulty of skill level required to crochet in a circle- I had no idea.  I just knew I loved them when I

Something Big is Going On

saw them and wanted a pair for myself.  They matched my favorite afro out look which is a tribute to Diana Ross, Angela Davis, Celia Cruz and Stacey Angela.

Hair is Spiritual S for sugar scrubs that are going into the goodie bags at yet another fabulous event for STAY at Sylvia’s Lounge in Harlem, NYC on Tuesday September 20th from 6pm-10pm to launch a new magazine and introduce through several pages of layout- the line- STAY.  Go and STAY a little while, have some fun, enjoy the scene, see what she can make for you  since it goes beyond swimwear- there is something for everyone with this line that I know is handcrafted with love.

Hair is Spiritual S for sugar scrubs,  our connection to each other through our hair and how it expands our horizons and brings us together to support each other in our positive endeavors.  Congratulations Stacey!  Blessings – Happy Healthy Hair & Body. -Ahava

Please bear with me during this transition- the Ecrater sales site is being built to offer you more of the natural products I mix & make.

Check me out on my You Tube Debut! I have loads of videos to share -all in divine time – Blessings


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