Hair is Spiritual W

Hair is Spiritual W for water – Dr. Brown’s Healing Water – good for your body!  This healing elixir will hydrate your body and have you feeling good.  Dr. Brown explains it best and talks about how regular water just flushes through your body, while the Dr. Brown’s Healing Water takes it to another level in hydrating your body at a cellular level.
There are so many benefits to adding this water to your regular drinking water which include increased energy, clarity in decision making processes, better digestion and healthier skin and hair.  Your hair as an extension of yourself, as well as your body, is sacred and to be regarded with deep respect.  I respect my body and myself by doing the best I can to eat healthy and that begins for me with my water intake.  Since my focus is haircare it is my responsibility to give my clients what I feel is the best in terms of recommendations for hair – no body- no hair – without the water you need -you are more susceptible to the environmental toxins that affect your body every second that you breath.  The water will help with that.  My hair is healthier than it has ever been and I love to touch it everyday.  I already love to work in my client’s hair – they all know this.  Since taking the water I have been more outgoing and more at peace in my body because I am not exhausted.  I get a deeper sleep in less time and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go.  Everyone should be able to feel this way and start their day off feeling the confidence to star in their own show.

I’ve even had clients tell me that they are no longer drinking coffee everyday.  Now I’ve drank coffee too but if you are drinking it for the caffeine buzz that you get and it’s the main thing getting you started on your day -the natural energy boost you experience with the water will make you wonder how you ever got along without it and coffee becomes a brew rinse for your hair and an exfoliant for your scalp & body.

When you are dehydrated you don’t want to talk to people – because you’re tired -you may have a shorter attention span – because you’re tired and you are thinking about all the things you have to do that you feel you don’t enough energy to make happen in your life.  You may not even have the energy you need to walk, run or ride a bike for exercise-plus do the laundry, lunches, guide your family and have “me time”.  That alone can be mentally taxing on the person who is lovable on levels but feels like a train running off the tracks.

I believe that everyone wants to take better care of themselves and their families but everyone may not know how they can do it.  You can start by getting this water.  There are plenty of people taking it, getting great results and who are willing & able to share their positive experiences with you.    The list goes on so check out the videos – hear for yourself and buy it today.

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