Up until 2am

“Guess what time I was up until?” she asked me in the same giddy voice I heard at the end of her session.

“2am.” I said.  Knowing it had to be late, remembering what time we left and how she felt upon leaving, not to mention what she expressed about her hair happy self.

I had given her guidance on how to maintain it, what it may be like by day 2 or 3 and gave recommendations on how to change her style around, what to sleep on – the works.

She said she had to call me to let me know how great her day was with her happy hair.  I could feel her excitement through the phone as she reviewed her day of freedom and how normally she would be have gotten up and any little hair out of place  from having been slept on would have thrown her day off.  This time it was different.  She left loving her hair so much over the weekend and had gotten so many compliments – she felt free and light and wanted to work through whatever she had to do to get it to continue to look good and she did it.

The first night she looked at herself in the mirror and kept smiling because she could see her true self and saw her own beauty shining through and smiling back at her.  I thought it was so cute – this mother of two – teen and young adult -the glow on her face matched the words coming out of her mouth when she said she was going t0 go home and put on makeup and just wanted to play.  She already claimed that she would be up late playing with her hair. She had not seen herself look so good in such a long time in her naturalness it was like a rebirth and total makover from this one step forward.

I know I had fun and I know she looked fabulous – it just brings it all together when a client feels the same way or better about themselves. The only disappointment was that when she wanted to call up all her friends to tell them how good she looked and felt – it was too late at night (well morning) to make those calls. LOL

The applause she received from the time she stepped into the elevator and ventured to the 2nd floor of her job after all the positive feedback on the 1st floor, kept her smiling through a manic Monday at work – well in her case, a  magnificent Monday.

Happy Healthy Hair & Body

Blessings     Ahava

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