“I Relinquish My Expertise”


exclaimed Chelle Wilson, when she sat in the hair healing chair to have her locs cut.  Somehow the words to express this session just surfaced now.  I have been learning so much everyday and truly enjoying conversations with naturals from all walks of life.  In my hometown travels I have connected with this natural beauty at the dance studio, the park, waving from the car and on this last occasion – taking a walk.  We talked food, schools, blogging, journeys and hair.

I am so happy she called to schedule and then came to see me when she was ready to shorten the locs and lighten her load.  I say lighten her load mostly because after the locs were cut she did feel lighter.  They were long and beautiful but it was time to relinquish some length and update her look.  I created a half moon line across her back evening up the locs that were 18-25″ in length when we started and 11-16″ in length when we finished. 

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She shared this decision with a few and surprised many others who would have never expected it.  The hair butterflies, as she described them, were doing a dance in her belly from the excitement of her decision and when it was all said and done – she felt at peace.  I wish I had run video of her happy hair dance from the first cut she’s had in 7 years.  The best part was when she told me that I was the only one who could do it.  I was honored to be chosen to share the journey of release, rebirth and growth with “The Easiest Client in the World”.

Happy Healthy Hair & Body

Blessings Ahava

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