Do you work with permed hair?

I have been asked this enough times to have to comment. I do work with permed hair for those wishing to transition to natural.  There are a few natural “perms” softeners and the like out there so, YES, you are included in this as well. I do not require that you have only your natural growth hair to begin the natural journey with me and all the other naturals who share your stories. Natural growth hair is virgin hair – hair free of chemical processing – growing out of your scalp as it naturally would from birth.  There are natural places, practitioners or even stylists who work with natural hair that will only work with you without any permed ends.  This does not work for every one and I understand your need to maintain length for whatever reason.  Since there are many ways to transition this is not such a big deal – you just have to find the right style(s) for you during the transition and I will let you know based on your hair texture, density, length and type what that transition may be like. It can be rough for some people and ends will have to be trimmed every one or two months.


The client above is transitioning to natural from a “natural relaxer” something I had never heard of before but her hair is in great condition.  To date she has about 2 inches of her own natural growth hair. On average the human body grows half an inch of hair a month. So in two months you can have 1 inch of new growth.  She also takes Dr. Brown’s Healing Water – my #1 product recommendation for growing your hair, having glowing skin, healing eczema and more. Click on the link to buy it today.

To understand more about your body in basic terms, check out this great book that my family has had for years.   100 Things You Should Know About the Human Body.

Now back to you…

The perm straightens the hair and lays the curls flat. Bye Bye kinks, coils, curls and swirls, etc.  There is suddenly a disparity or mismatching of texture that without the proper hydration, right tools and products those straight ends just want to pop off.  Wavys and Curlies have the easiest transition for what may not be obvious reasons. The pattern and texture of the hair may be closer to the straight so those ends can hang on a little longer. Roller setting works well in this case.  Kinks and coils can only go but so far with this technique and could benefit from other transitioning options. Keep in mind that a lot of people are multi-textured (one of my specialties) -having one texture around the perimeter of your head and another in the middle or having three “types” of kinky curly hair front, middle and back.  Then there is my favorite – one side that curls, kinks or coils more tightly on the right or left.  The list goes on but it’s all yours and I can help you work through it.  I will deep condition, sugar scrub for exfoliation, scalp heal, and at times mix or recommend what you need to move forward in your process. Having natural hair is fun. It’s not always easy especially when you’re used to something else and learning new techniques and styles for the first time. The next time you get frustrated along the way remember one of my favorite P words. Patience.

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