“Ain’t That Sumthin’ Chemical Free Curls”

With her glowing smile and those fabulous cheeks, this is what came out of my mother’s mouth when she saw her natural hair for the first time with a rod set. It was so funny and we were both laughing because you know she not only looked at me like -are you kidding – told me – questioningly …”you can’t do that. Can you?” This from the woman who has at least two copies of my degree on the walls where my parents live and knows that anything is possible.

My mother has been natural longer than me. I began my journey fresh in June 1999 (will tell that story another time). My mother however has such sensitive skin and scalp that she has been natural since her early 20’s or before. Will have to interview her on that one day.  I grew up watching her pin curl her press n curl. That was back when Miss Nancy did our hair in her kitchen.  She had a whole set up and it was fun going there with my mom.

My mother likes to know how her scalp is doing and wants to know every bit of what is going on. “How does it look up there? What do you have for my scalp? It feels dry, what are you going to do about that? How much longer do I have to sit under this dryer?”

My favorite hair moment was when I told her about sleeping on silk or satin, it was something she didn’t know. It amazed her and of course I took care of her having her first piece of charmeuse silk to lay across her pillow.  She gave feedback immediately and commented on how much better her style holds from sleeping on it -and does so every night.  I had to give her another piece the other day because she is so serious about her hair that she will carry the silk in her purse and lay it across my microfiber couch behind her head just so her hair is only always touching that silk.  It makes me laugh, even as I am writing this because I can see her doing it right now, at her own home.

She went out to work and told all of her friends “My daughter did my hair and I got chemical free curls!” She loves her new natural look that she is still learning how to care for with patience and guidance.  Have silk will travel. LOL.

Check her out:

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One thought on ““Ain’t That Sumthin’ Chemical Free Curls”

  1. My first visit with Ahava and her “HEALING HAIR HANDS” was beyond memorable. She is not kidding when she states that she is a “HAIR HEALER”. After a visit with this amazing women not only will your hair leave happy but so will your spirit.

    Thank you Ahava for making this “NATURAL JOURNEY” easier. Your amazing.

    Signed: MY HAIR ❤

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