Phone Calls from the Natural Edge

I get these phone calls from the edge often. I love them. People don’t always realize how deep it is for a woman to make the transition to natural. People don’t always realize how deep it is for a woman to take out her braids or weave. People don’t always realize how deep it is for a woman to do the “big chop”, go “cold turkey” and embrace her tweeny weeny afro although there is nothing tweeny or weeny about the bold and courageous statement you make when you choose to be natural. People don’t always realize how deep it is for the men around natural women to go through the shift in consciousness too and it’s not all that easy for them either.

So I get these calls and I am so ready for them. “Ahava, I am at the edge of the cliff! I just don’t know what to do.” “I told GOD that I would make one phone call and in this one phone call I have to get this right. I trust what appears on the other end.”  WOW. Well Wishing, Optimistic, Well-Rounded me has to answer because on the other end of that phone is someone who needs my help.

One of my best and most fun responses thus far has to be “…step back from the edge..way back, and now starting running towards it, go ahead and jump because  I am on the other side with a hair net to catch you…” It gets a laugh. Laughter is the best medicine and reduces the stress immediately.

Now we can get down to hair healing business. Relax because there are many of us out there to support you on your journey. What I do is by no means easy. Your crowning glory or in some cases what’s left of it right now, is in my hands eventually to be shared with yours. Come sister, I’ll hold your hand by helping you with your hair.

Happy Healthy Hair & Body



Clients seen by appointment at Kathi’s Room in West Orange, NJ 07052. Contact me for scheduling via my mobile desk at (973) 619-2855. You can also email if you want to send pics and get your questions down out of your head but I do have to talk with you to schedule-

Ahava Felicidad Hair & Body on Facebook, Twitter @ahavafelicidad, Flickr Photostream, YouTube (still building) and the South Orange Maplewood Adult School. 


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