Girls with Pearls

So one of my fairy Godsisters sent me an invite on Facebook to join Girls with Pearls (THANK YOU MERIA!) and when I went to check out the link it was like nothing I had ever seen and had very spiritual significance. This is a page created by a beautiful woman in Memphis, Tennessee.  This is a call for women everywhere to see themselves in a new light, if they haven’t already. I was honored to receive the invitation because to me that meant that the person who sent it sees me and everyone she sent it to, in the light of that pearl.

I know pearls to symbolize spiritual transformation, purity, integrity and charity – character traits that anyone would love to be associated with- true at heart-all the best within us. On my natural journey and the journey to assist others, I strive to keep my heart open for all of life’s wonderful possibilities, accept myself as I am and encourage others to do the same.

On Pearls: Pearls are known to help you walk with dignity, calm and beauty so on this day I grabbed my pearls and put them on with a smile to remind myself and the world that a rough grain of sand, transformed over time slowly grows into a object of great value and beauty. It’s amazing. We all have the power within us to transform in this way.

On Michelle Obama: An icon – I am paying more attention to who she is now as a mother, wife, First Lady and trailblazer. Find info about her pearls here  or make your own at your favorite local bead store.

On Jackie Onasis Kennedy: her pearls were well known too. I learned about her story from Miss Ella at her antique store on Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair and then got more details from a friend. Interesting read click here.

Here I am with my pearls working from home on natural hair ideas before going out to work for the day:

Happy Birthday First Lady Michelle!



I support women everywhere who want to heal their scalp, hair and body while looking good and feeling good about themselves.

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One thought on “Girls with Pearls

  1. Commenting on my own post because you must remember pearls come in all shapes, colors, sizes and qualities. You can get a bag of fresh water pearls for less than $5 at some beading stores or purchase a strand starting at $12.00 that could range up to $500 or more. You have to start somewhere! Happy Healthy Hair & Body

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