Honeycomb Hair

I am way overdue for a front page post. I have been accomplishing a lot with my daily posts to the Roots and Culture page though.  Feel free to click there after this because you want to be here for this update.

So, I’m in session with Mystery Client Honeycomb and we perused some books for inspiration for her next style. Now she loves to have her hair in a bun of some sort that may resemble a honeycomb. Hence her name.  I also found out that she is using honey as her preferred sweetener – even in her coffee. I am going to try that one day-just to see how it tastes.

I specialize in holistic natural hair care and I love to mix and make. The universe sends me naturals who are at all different points in their journey.  Some have been home doing it on their own, with and without the help of YouTube video bloggers and the like. Others have been to natural stylists who they say can do a great style but don’t give focus to the scalp and hair care or just don’t know what products work. I can help you and I can help them.

Honeycomb received two strand flat twists with a magazine inspired style that I gave my own twist to at the very top. Hearts of love were weaved into her crown and she absolutely loved it.  I used Kinky Marley Braid hair which I washed with black soap and then scented with passion  flower added to grapeseed oil. This also gives the hair/fiber a wonderful scent and makes it glisten. It also infuses her natural hair with the same to give it moisture for the first few hours of the style. Her flat twists were created using Andalou Styling Cream (a new top favorite amongst Curl Prep’s Sweet Buttah and Jane Carter’s Curl Defining Cream).

Join in the hair healing with us here:

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