Cutting for Celebrity Style

This post has been in a my head for quite some time and has to be released into the Universe of Hair. So, I’ve known Blossoming Princess UDEL since before she was born. That’s a long time. As I write this post I remember one particularly fun car ride to take her to college where I reminisced about move-in when I went away to school myself. I remember prom and her elegant style and dress and I remember how she twirled on her front lawn like a little dancing princess with this peach fuzz on top of her head- always knowing she would have a lot of beautiful hair.

I cannot and will not leave out her sister whose voice I can still hear on my cell phone when she asked me what she needed to do to transition to natural while attending a university in D.C. i was already out living in the”adult world” and was honored that she asked me. So you know this has been my life. I told her what to do, she did it, followed my guidance to a T and is natural to this day.

So up next here are our clips from when Blossoming Princess graced the hair healing chair and thanked me as I thanked her for being a part of the journey. “I’m glad I could help.” she told me after we ran video. Maybe she’ll send in a pic of her final style – she described the cut perfectly and showed me a photo of her vision. Ask Believe Take Action Receive…

Blessings Ahava (973) 619-2855 by appt for hair healing-Feeling Good, Looking Good and Smelling Good.



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