Natural Beauty 15P

Natural Beauty 15P came to see me to treat herself to a new style.  She has a beautiful head of curly hair and we talked about how being natural made it easier for her to workout and enjoy more spontaneity with her family.  No more “oh I can’t go swimming! I’ll mess up my hair. I can’t sweat. I’ll ruin my hair.” Now it’s like “okay let’s go! Let’s go!” Being natural for her equals more freedom to do things that she would not do during her permed years.

Check out her before and after pics:


To view more pictures which include natural client features and profiles please visit us on Facebook at Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body, on FLICKR under the HolisticHairHealer photostream, Wedding Wire, Naturally and any other site you find when you search for Ahava Felicidad the Holistic Hair Healer.

In this session Natural Beauty 15P learned a new way to pin curl as well. She needed maintenance tips as many new clients who see me wish to increase their at home skills as well.


I look forward to seeing you in the hair healing chair.  If you are not natural and not ready to transition you may want to take a class on making your own natural products. There is something for everyone with Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body. Register for classes directly through the South Orange Maplewood Adult School by clicking here: for melt & pour soapmaking, body butters and whips and sugar and salt scrubs. If there is a class you would like added just inbox me or leave a comment – once I have 16 solid requests I will move forward with offering something new within our abilities.

Happy Healthy Hair and Body     Blessings Ahava


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