HAPPY LOCS of LOVE of Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body


Happy Locs of Love began her journey with me over a year ago.

Here she is with an updo just right for the length of her locs of love.


Here she is just 4 months later. Still going strong, locced hair growing long and having more fun with styling!


Here you can see 8 months later! More length and more styling options. A funky updo with braids in the back to create a wavy, curly defined looked with the locs hanging free in the back.

This is a technique style in the back where the hair healee gets the style set in and leaves, only to unbraid when ready for styling



3 inches + longer than when we started! It’s actually about 6 inches but you don’t see that length because of the fact that they’re locs and more of the natural growth hair is intertwined within the loc. That average 1 inch every two months is right on target for this natural beauty Happy Locs of Love. She is bound for hair growth, a continuous clean, healthy scalp (foundation of it all) and more styling options that she could have ever imagined.

Contact Ahava Felicidad direct at (973) 619-2855

you call also email inquiries on your natural haircare to holistichairhealer@gmail.com

New clients are scheduled for appointments on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Please be sure to visit us on Facebook at Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body-stay in the loop but out of the box!

If you want thicker growing hair and hair that flows out of your scalp abundantly hydrated read this article and then order your Dr. Brown’s Healing Water. Your hair will love your for it.  Ezcema say GOOD-BYE.


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