What did you do on this SHOCKINGLY SWEET Sunday?

So Ahava, what did you do on this SHOCKINGLY SWEET Sunday?

It’s was another SWEET day! I hair healed for a client and for myself. People ask me all the time if I do my own hair. YES!!! I am my own hair healer. I will however let someone else do my hair once I train them and I did something SHOCKING last week.

I let a mother who was in for a consult, practice braiding on my hair. That was massive – she is SWEET and wanted know more techniques for doing her daughters’ hair. I also talked to one of my sister friends and also organized papers and came home motivated to do some cleaning out.” SWEET!!

Did you talk to anyone SWEET on Sunday? Or perhaps someone who is always SHOCKING you?

I have to say, that Sunday’s cleanout was motivated by #drbrownswater. I took two capfuls this morning with my 16oz and that helped me to float through the day and then come home on a mission. Thank you Dr. Brown’s Healing Water!

The cleanout that I did was the third step in a process where I plan to get this corner in my home in tip top shape. I do feng shui and have been using it since undergrad. The old papers I got rid of needed to get out of the relationship corner. Old papers, irrelevant papers and photos that are no longer of use to me have to go.

Some of you liked the pics of me throwing out (at recycling) the cards that I used to teach my daughter how to spell and assist her with reading to increase her skills before kindergarten. Even if you plan to have more kids, get rid of those. There will be more. I found mortgage papers, undergrad reports and papers, internship stuff and the like. SHOCKING!!! How did I manage to keep all of that?

I know I am not the only one who does this or has done this. With every move you make, get rid of something that you know you no longer need. Clean out that closet and get rid of the outdated things you never wear, can’t fit, aren’t trying to fit, could be of value to someone else or have tags from 3-6 months ago. Make room for something new or bettering your life.

Take note: When you do cleanout, you may just find some things of value. I definitely found some of those items as well. Start your cleanout in the area of your life where you wish to have significant change, increase and evolution.

What do you need to clean out of your relationship corner, wealth corner, career corner….?

Start today with just 15 minutes-you’ll be FANCY and FREE! It doesn’t even have to be a Friday. LOL



Happy Healthy Hair and Body



(973) 619-2855  holistichairhealer@gmail.com


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