Theatrical Thursday with The Artist Kayla-Iman™ Art & Poetic Prose!

Congratulations to my daughter for her first published work! The Peaceful and Lovely Riverbanks has been selected for “Talented” a book of poetry from the American Library of Poetry. I submitted this one that I really liked and their judges liked it too! The book will be printed and available this fall. Hoping to be a division winner which is the next step in the process. Happy to be selected for this. What a blessing- another rung on the infinite ladder of success on her artistic journey and mine as a very impressed mommy. I’d have to say this is SWEET!

Now we’ve begun the process of opening up to sell pieces of her BLUE collection so more people can enjoy her art in one of its’ many forms. Check her out in action and see some other pieces.


Creating her Len Pets™


May In Montclair Window Painting Project – The Early Days with The Artist Kayla-Iman™


Priceless- not for sale- made for the very impressed mommy- Ahava Felicidad

From the sketch pad to the canvas

to the hand modeling of clay

to the cartoons and cutouts and unique anime

The Artist Kayla-Iman is blossoming


She makes the best hot cocoa this side of New Jersey

Her pancakes ROCK the house

Her friends love her laugh

and her accents galore

This fabulous artist

not your average girl next door.

Hold on to your seats

‘cause we’ve got so much more.

(this rhyme compliments of Ahava Felicidad- The Holistic Hair Healer ™, proud supporter of Dr. Brown’s Healing Water and very impressed mother of The Artist Kayla-Iman™)


The Early Days of Cartooning with The Artist Kayla-Iman™

Contact The Artist Kayla-Iman™ at for guest appearances, artist talks, clay modeling, kids parties, duck tape projects, inspiration, board game consultations and most things artistically genuine and dynamic.


The Artist Kayla-Iman™


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