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Ahava, what does Dr. Brown’s Healing Water do for hair? You help people heal hair and scalp issues so what can you say about that?  “Dr. Brown’s Healing Water provides hydration. Regular water flushes through your body and most people aren’t even getting enough of that. Your dehydrated body will show in your hair and skin. Dr. Brown’s Healing Water helps the hair to be healthier from the inside out. Like watering a tree at the roots from underground. 1/4 of a strand of hair is water. I don’t know about you but I know if I need 100% of something to be my optimal best and I only have 75% something is not right and I need to heal that. Your hair will be dry, crunchy, unmanageable, shedding excessively and breaking . My hair is healthier than it’s ever been in my life from taking Dr. Brown’s Healing Water. I can twist freely after a condition wash with less product. My hair and scalp just feel good and my curl pattern has been enhanced to it’s true nature from being hydrated.” Ahava

Hair Healing Sessions by appointment. All services include one of my signature hair sugar scrubs to exfoliate dead skins cells and pull in moisture. Packages are being built to include Dr. Brown’s Healing Water as well.

(973) 619-2855  Happy Healthy Hair and Body  Ahava

I recently cut my hair in support of women all over the country doing what I call the “Leap of Faith” also known as “The Big Chop”.  This is my third time with a short cut and I know how to help newly natural women update their look and style short hair in the transition with or without adding hair. I will take more pics with my new cut and share those soon. Check me out in this month’s issue of Hype Hair Magazine November 2012 pg 144.  In this picture, I had a two strand twist out. All Dr. Brown’s Healing Water hair.


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