Scraggly Hair Has No Flair

Scraggly hair has no flair.

So don’t let your ‘tween go out there looking “a hot mess”. I know you’ve heard that term before.

I have to stay ahead of my daughter with embracing her hair whether there are extensions or not. Length is often an issue with young girls no matter what their hair type.  Do be warned – length has to also look good.

So this morning my artist extraordinaire thought she was going to leave the house with a scraggly ponytail.  Now granted, she has skills that are set apart from mine and suprass mine in art. When I was her age, I had been working in hair for over 7 years already and getting better everyday. She is still learning and I had to remind her about texture (I do love texture mixing but it has to be done right).  We try different styles and she has her preferences. I like to try different styles and get her feedback-with which she is very candid.

This style is from about two weeks ago and it worked well. The tumbleweed pics are of the scraggly hair that did not leave our home with her this morning as I did 2 strand flat twists with braids on the ends into a updo that she did not like. It looked really good but I know it will have to be adjusted tonight. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If your extension hair looks the tumble weed in this slideshow:

Then this hair should not be used to attach a ponytail or make a braid.  It can however be used to fill a bun or pompadour so that we recycle as much as possible. It can be condition washed and scented with natural ingredients as well.

If you have a daughter, niece,  friend, granddaughter, etc. who needs help with styling and wants to learn how to add quick buns, make some custom clip-ins, do a little braiding or twisting, send her to me. Schedule a private session or get together a group. I plan to begin running workshops so our next generation has a better handle on the creativity and practicality of hair.

The workshops will be open to those with natural and transitioning to natural hair as well as young ladies who are permed and need to know the basics. Having the mix of girls in one forum provides openness and acceptance for we are all on a journey of self-discovery. The workshops will be advertised locally.

Email me at or call the business line (973) 619-2855 for more info. to request dates and find out about the first workshop that will be held in 2013. Participants must already have some experience with touching their own hair.




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