Cold Water Rinse & Dr. Brown’s Healing Water

Cold water will cause the cuticles of the hair to close down over the shaft of hair. Cold water also closes the skin pores. What does this mean for you, your hair and your skin? It means that after bathing or shampooing with warmer temperatures, and then having a final cold rinse, your hair and skin are in a more natural condition. Your hair and skin are better able to protect itself from any harmful substances that may cause negative reactions since these areas are closed.

The difference in hair that gets a final cold-water rinse is much shinier, softer and sleek. After doing so, your hair and skin will be and appear beautifully healthy. When your skin’s pores are closed, you perspire less, and experience less oily skin.  Using Dr. Browns Healing Water as a cold-water rinse for your hair will make a big difference in your hair and the only way you will be able to know this for your self is to try it.

Copyright © 2012 Dr. Manuel Brown of Dr. Brown’s Healing Water

Beyonce Dr.Brown's Healing Water hair

For haircare with Dr.Brown’s Healing Water and other great all natural and organic products contact y0ur holistic hair healers:

(973) 619-2855  

Ahava Felicidad of Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body


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