Ahava Answers Abundantly-Transitioning to Natural

G. Johnson from Lawrenceville, GA wants to know:

1) What are the best affordable hairstyles to transition with?

2) How much longer should I wait to begin the transition after a fresh perm?

3) Are there products that can begin to removing the chemicals to speed up the transitioning process?

4) Are there any natural hairstyles that you should stay away from or use less of?

Ahava’s answers:

1) The best affordable hairstyles to transition with would be based person by person since everyone has their own view of “affordable” with their finances. So, the best ways for me to answer is to give a range based on what I do.

There are several ways to transition to natural. They include but are not limited to: rod setting, 2 strand flat twists, 3 strand flat twists (I do these too!), cornrows with and without braided extensions, wearing wigs:custom or store bought, senegalese twisting, marley and yarn braids or twists.

Rod setting – Range would be $75-$95 every 2 to 3 weeks based on the hair texture density length and type and the person’s level of care, lifestyle and workout regime-if any.

Senegalese – Range would be $175 and up with me (some cleanses included definitely sugar scrub for the scalp – essential for exfoliating dead skin cells and drawing moisture into the hair and scalp which provides better overall hair growth.) Senegalese and other braided styles are good for 5-8 weeks. Some people will try to hold on longer which may be okay with great care and regular cleansing, sleeping on silk or satin.

Flat Twisting and Cornrows range from $65-$95 (more for some very intricate styles and can include buns with kanekalon, kanekalon marley, afro kinky, baby curl and other types of fibers or human hair). They will last 2-5 weeks based on the style and the level of care.

Custom Wigs and Weaving (I LOVE crochet and do those too!) start at $150. Wigs will last longer if they are human hair and are cleansed regularly, set and kept on a mannequin head. Weaving with the crochet technique can last 3-5 weeks. Less for those with scalp issues that need to be healed so every one is different. Crochet weaving a favorite because it allows you to get to the scalp.

2) The decision to transition can be made immediately. If you received a chemical relaxer you would just not continue to relax and you are on the road to transitioning with that decision being made and would need to consult with me on that transition. Even a “big chop” which I refer to as a Leap of Faith – puts you in a transitional state with your hair although you are completely natural.

3) There are no products that can remove the chemicals to speed up the process. Once hair is chemically treated- every strand is weakened-straightened-flattened out as a part of the process. Any stripping of that would further reduce the strength of the hair not remove the chemicals. It must be grown out from the root or cut off at what I call ‘the line of demarcation’.

4) There are no natural styles to stay away from or use less of unless you have breakage or other hair density issues. This should be discussed with natural professional – me! I help people to find the styles that will work for them based on several factors which include lifestyle and environment for optimal hair health and growth.

Thanks for asking!

Blessings and LOVE- Ahava (973) 619-2855 holistichairhealer@gmail.com

ImageSeeing clients by appointment at Studio PURE by Ahava Felicidad -Upper Montclair, NJ



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