A Taste of Natural Jeopardy with Ahava Felicidad 5/3/13

Answers to Friday May 3rd 2013 “A Taste of Natural Jeopardy with Ahava Felicidad”

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Click the question to see more on the famous, almost famous, well-known, celebrity, “you get the picture” natural! 

Best known for role as Sinclair in the television series “Living Single”

Who is Kim Coles?

Featured on the same page as Ahava Felicidad in Hype Hair Magazine’s November 2012 issue. She’s a singer & writes her own lyrics

Who is Elle Varner?

She hails from Kansas City, is a Covergirl and naturally known for her stylish pompadours, neckties & singing voice.

Who is Janelle Monae?

This natural is the editor of Jet Magazine

Who is Mitzi Miller?

She sings and her last name is Silliman. She is a New Jersey natural.

Who is Saundra Silliman?


She wears LOCS and has been a regular on Law and Order.

Who is S. Epatha Merkerson?

She won a Guggenheim and is one of the top 3 jazz pianists in the country…

Who is Geri S. Allen?



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