Lightening Things UP a Bit-Andrene’s Loc Removal

Back in December I was given a “heads up” that the locs were on notice and Andrene was considering freeing herself and doing something new.

I LOVE this story because I too had gotten accustom to the lovely locs on her beautiful head. With a golden smile and always a cheerful story or event happening in and around her life, one of my foundation clients, was on the verge of a new natural journey. That new journey was being with her natural growth hair for the first in time in her life -at length- meaning that she has done the “big chop” what I call a leap of faith, a few times before but kept her natural hair short and close.

Months went by and we had a few more sessions with loc cultivation and some more fun styling. May comes in with a final decision to let the locs loose and plans are set in motion.  We had the discussion about take out and how we would keep some length.

Side note: everyone’s locs are different and the amount or length of hair you get when they are “combed” out will vary based on texture and density as well as how your locs were cared for during the time of growth. Some people get 3 inches (before shrinkage) others can get 10 or 12. All of this is about texture and also if you were palm rolled or interlocked.

The process: I mixed my own blend of spring water, olive oil and a tad bit of my natural conditioner base, knowing this was all I needed to get the locs moist for removal. I did not have to use a whole bottle or more of conditioner and you may not have to either – depending on the condition of your locs.  I cut to 6 1/2 inches, towel dried her and brought her to the hair healing chair for removal.

One by one and bit by bit I opened up the locs. I used the end of my sculpting brush – similar to the rattail comb end- to open up the tangles or matting this locced hair after cutting to the desired length. I estimated. Check out the pics of the locs and the additional that was cut once I saw how much hair she would have. At the end we had 3-7 inches and it was balanced from the nape of the neck to the hairline to leave 3-5 inches all around and nice foundation for fro’hawk and other styling.

Afterwards we looked through some pics to see what she would like to try next with her natural growth hair (hair that is chemical free without locs). She choose some really fantastic looks that I can’t wait to show you when she comes back in for hair healing and styling. She likes the idea of crochet and chose several looks that I have to crochet to create the style. I LOVE IT!

Contact me to consult about growing out locs, removal of locs or cultivating new locs.

(973) 619-2855

Ahava Felicidad and

Team Naturiotic


Check her out here before and after loc removal


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