A Happy Hydrated Three-Strand Twist Out!

This just in from a hair healing client with about three textures of kinky hair.

“Wanted to send you a pic of how my hair turned out after I took out the 3 strand twists. ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!…”



Z.J. on experience with Dr. Brown’s Healing Water:

“I have been taking Dr. Brown’s Healing Water for about 3 months now and have noticed some positive results.  I have not acquired any colds, my energy level has increased, and now that i get results I enjoy drinking water.  I have always struggled with juggling my daily responsibilities and still finding the energy to exercise.  Since starting my water regiment I have the drive to exercise for at least an hour and a half, 3-4 times a week.  I have also noticed that my body’s natural desire to maintain homeostasis has been aided by Dr. Brown’s Healing Water.  During the week long heat wave I was so hydrated that I barely broke a sweat teaching in a non-air conditioned classroom, and at home I was fine with only a fan and no AC.  I can not wait to experience more awesome results!”

I created, by request, a design on the right so hair out on the left would be accentuated in more of a corkscrew type curl pattern -not otherwise this client’s natural pattern. 3 strand twisting is great for more definition on a twist out that lasts longer than the average 2 strand twist out.

Thanks to Z.J. for sending in pics of her twist out from a lifestyle set and sharing results from Dr. Brown’s Healing Water.

Ahava Felicidad

Steadily Expanding Saturday!



Results vary based on hair texture density length and type.


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