CoWash & Style Tips by Ahava Felicidad

CoWash & Style Tips

by Ahava Felicidad on Thursday September 5, 2013

The Two Strand Flat Twist Out!

With this fall’s crisp weather upon us, naturalistas everywhere are seeking classic styles that keep them warm and their kinks, coils, ringlets and spirals looking healthy.

Here are some tips that will help kinky curlies achieve the right conditions for classic trendy co-wash and go styling just right for the weather

Co-Wash & Style Basics

Always detangle from ends to root before condition washing with a natural detangling spray or a water bottle used with a leave-in conditioner to release the coils and make the co-wash process easier. I recommend Kinky Curly Knot Today for kinky curly or curly & wavy hair and Giovanni Leave-In Conditioner for kinky hair. Cream-based conditioners and your fingers loosen any knots before co-washing. Your spray bottle should have distilled or spring water in it. Tap water contains many contaminants that are not safe to drink and make hair hard. Hard water contains high levels of CaCO3 so you want to avoid using it for your spray bottle. Add structurally enhanced water like Dr. Brown’s Healing Water to your bottle 1-2 tsp to get maximum hydration. This helps your water to provide cellular repair directly to the hair strands which are 25% water.

Remove hair build-up without stripping the hair by using your own blend of handcrafted black soap diluted in 4-5 ounces of spring or distilled water or a cleanser like Shea Moisture’s Moisture Retention Shampoo. This is one of a few times you will see me recommend anything marked “shampoo” because this product is actually a cleanser. It is not traditional shampoo-just marked that way for consumers ease in shopping when new to natural.

Co-Wash and Style Conditioning Basics
One of the challenges with co-wash and styling hair is styling before hair dries. Using hair sugar provides a higher level of moisture for the hair and scalp and keeps the hair moist longer than regular co-washing so that styling of 20-30 minutes or more is easier and you may only need the spray bottle towards the end.

Use a Felicidad Hair Sugar or mix your own with 1 cup of sugar to ¼ or ½ cup of oil. You can use oils like avocado, olive, sunflower or even grapeseed by the tablespoon to start and work it through the scalp and hair with conditioner. Some curlies can skip the conditioner with this part.

Styling for the WOW!

Grab your Giovanni, Jane Carter or Kiss My Face mousse, section hair in 9-30 parts, two strand twist and Bantu knot then pump the mousse on each knot. Pat to saturate, air dry or hood dryer for 15 minutes on low or medium. Twist out in the morning. You can try this with Shea Moisture’s Yucca and Aloe Hair Thickening Cream (kinky and kinky curly) Curl Prep’s Sweet Buttah (kinky curly and curly wavy, wavy straight) or even Curls Curly Q Custard (kinky, kinky curly and curly). Remember to start with a tablespoon and add with fingertips bit by bit then add more as you go along as needed. Less is more.

The above look on The Natural Science Beauty of Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body was created with 2 strand flat twists and Andalou styling cream. Hair was set one day by Ahava Felicidad and twisted out the next 1-2 days by The Natural Science Beauty. Maintain with mini pineapples or pincurls.

Photo courtesy of The Natural Science Beauty


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