Happy to Be Me! – Felicidad Girl I


Loc Styling for Girls

Hair healing and styling experiences at Studio PURE by Ahava Felicidad.  Services range from individual and family consults for regimes, introduction to essential oils and natural carrier oils, product recommendations, sugar scrub for the scalp and hydrating hair techniques with process and structured water, events and more.


Locs before styling

Classic Updo on more than 150 locs

Classic Updo on more than 150 locs


Flower Girl Loc Set so the curls would drop down just right in the front. Transitional style for ease in maintenance.

The style you see here is what I call a technique set. Naturals have varying needs which include for some wanting to do twist outs at home or get styles set that can transition through a time period. This set – created with an updo – was designed to hold baby’s breath across the crown and the locs were bantu knotted just right so the perfect curls would tendril down.

Results! VIOLA!


The results are magnificent! Another happy hair client.

I do it all! Cleanse, deep and walk out with moisture, style setting for events, everyday, workouts, and style setting for those who want to leave ready for a night on the town, photoshoot, work and play.

Want the experience you can’t get anywhere else but Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body?


Here the experience is always amazing. This time she mixed her own custom hair sugar. Look out for the video on the YouTube-Ahava Felicidad The Holistic Hair Healer

Does it get even better? YES it does!

Call to schedule with Ahava Felicidad or a member of Team Naturiotic- loyal to the natural hair movement and naturals across the globe.


Client exclusives, memberships building, consultations and more.


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