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Recommendations from

a Recent Hair Healing Session

Client has had itchy scalp but no flaking.

Enjoys Dr. Brown’s Healing Water for reducing inflammation and getting results.

Recommended Grapeseed oil 1oz with 7-15 drops of Juniper, Tea Tree or Ylang Ylang EO mixed with Lavender essential oil to lightly line scalp sparingly with fingertips and massage into itchy areas.


Order with Ahava Felicidad or ask for Felicidad Signature oil like Jabulani Keiko (jah boo LAH nee KAY- ko) special request made with Young Living Essentials. Client exclusives and public pricing


Order with Ahava Felicidad or experience in studio in scalp & hair healing sessions. Feel free to ask for a custom blend based in what you need just for you

Why Juniper EO as an alternative to Tea Tree EO? Tea tree is medicinal and herbaceous of strong scent  while Juniper is floral and herbaceous, woody of a soft scent with a high note. It can be used in the hair and scalp when you are going out and about or at work and you are around others who can benefit from the positive feelings brought about by smelling the aroma. Known for promoting spirituality and encouraging self-esteem.


Order with Ahava Felicidad and ask for custom blend

Why Ylang Ylang EO as an alternative to Tea Tree EO? Ylang Ylang is that sensual essential oil that also happens to balance out the sebaceous glands in the scalp. Overactive glands and excess production of oils are another source of itching in the scalp although you may not see any flaking. Also known for relaxing the mind and balancing emotions. Great for managing frustration and anger. If you want the sensuality of Ylang Ylang, try it and then try the Tea Tree to see the difference. If you want strong, “get right to it” “out of the woods” type of scalp healing, Tea Tree is your oil. Otherwise, you can go lighter and still get the balance you seek with your scalp.

Young-Living-Ylang-Ylang -Ahava-Felicidad

Order with Ahava Felicidad or ask for Marama Lempi oil from the Felicidad Signature Line (while in session-client pricing exclusives)

Always check into the qualities of the essentials you are using because some overlap in use and benefits but have different scents that may be more or less pleasing to you or others around you. Request a consult with Ahava Felicidad that includes essential oil introduction and you can also request custom blends. If you want to smell something right away, just drop by your local Whole Foods Market.

I highly recommend Young Living Essential Oils – top tier at Studio PURE and Simplers middle tier – both of high quality- top tier is food grade pure and organic sourced throughout the U.S. and internationally.  Middle tier is organic – pure sourced in California by a small team of herbalists.

Consult with me on the use of different essentials together and their benefits for your body and the senses of others. You can have it all. Looking good, smelling good and feeling good and helping others around you do the same or at least have a more positive response in your presence.

Essential oils and you- perfect together.

Scheduling with Ahava Felicidad -at Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body 973-619-2855

Hair sessions with Ahava or a member of Team Naturiotic.


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