Rod Set with Ahava Felicidad –
Kinky Curly hair 1.5″-5″ Natural Mousse Set

Having a rod set with your natural hair is a great way to transition to natural or assist with styling while growing out from shorter lengths. Your texture, density, length and type of hair will determine the curl pattern and how your hair stays, as well as products used and regime while set.

Rod setting will look and feel different on different hair and every natural will have her own experience with how long the curls last. In general and in my experience, rod sets hold the best in kinky curly hair of medium to thick density.

Many products or products accessories that are for styling, will say things like that they can be used on all textures. Yes, that may be true but we are looking for results. So although the texture may be set, that does not mean it is going to last or give you the look you want. We help to streamline that process but if you want to try we’re all for that too after giving you an idea of how it may turn out and showing you pics in consult, on email/link.

The client in the photo has kinky curly mixed hair and the set came out smooth and defined. Her style with maintenance lasted about 3 days. Some clients can hold the style longer-which requires nightly re-setting with satin or silk rollers or pin curling with bobby pins. I suggest the satin pillow rollers first. Click here and buy 3 packs at a time  until I start carrying my silk line of bendable pillow rollers.

At my studio, on location and within my holistic care organization – rod setting starts at $75 with Team Naturiotic stylists and myself. Sets are themed such as Whimsical, Orange Blossom and Creamsicle – all named from client experiences and colors of the rods.  We also provide Strawllers sets. Setting is fun and you can try a few different products to see what works best for your hair and your lifestyle.  We set and record what was used – styling cream, mousse, gel or combinations of based on your hair. You can have three sets over three sessions all with different product to decide what works best for you. You can also add a product upgrade where you add-on the use of a natural hair product that is not a studio essential but on our recommended list of great products for your hair. Upgrades start at $15 for select products.

I hope you enjoyed this article! Comment here or give a call in for scheduling. 973-619-2855 Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body


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