Water is life – Hair and Body

Water is life – Hair and Body


West Virginia Chemical Spill Shuts Down Much of Charleston

“Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin issued an order to customers of West Virginia American Water: Do not drink, bathe, cook or wash clothes with tap water.”

If you or someone you know is in this area, please send them the link to order their Dr. Brown’s Healing Water structurally enhanced water (also known as clustered water) this is the only water known to hydrate the body at the cellular level and provide sustaining energy, clarity and body detoxing for those with limited water supply. 1-3 caps in even 4 ounces of water would be like them getting 32 ounces or more of real hydration.

Structurally enhanced water also cleanse toxins out of the cells of our bodies so that dangerous chemicals have a reduced effect on our whole body wellness.

Similar water conditions have happened in our local areas in New Jersey with contaminants and e.coli in the waters in our counties. Residents are alerted through phone calls to landlines and sometimes local new covers the story. We can’t prevent everything but we can do things that are for whole body wellness to keep our immune systems boosted for when things like this come up.




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