Fancy Free Friday with ZJ! #1

It’s another

Fancy Free Friday

and we’re sharing for all to see!

Z.J. loves her 3 strands, individual loose or flat, they serve her well for her hair healing and styling journey of natural. She has at least two textures of kinky – kinky/curly hair and a very distinct pattern where some of her hair is “straight” kinky but not so much curl or even wave and some kinky curly.

Styling mixed textured hair

is so much fun!

It’s a challenge and a blessing all in one because I get to create from a perspective of how each part of the hair will fall when twisted out or stay in when braided or twisted. I talk with clients about how they plan to wear, how long and what their maintenance choices will be to get the right look for lifestyle or ef

Z.J. chooses to style her

natural growth hair.

She wants healthy hair and scalp with growth. She finds inspiration on many sites including NaturalHairDaily on Instagram and Google Searches (one of which her pics show up from her happy hydrated 3 strand twist out post on this blog!)

ZJ Fancy Free Friday #1

Look out for more on this Natural in Your Neighborhood and as I continue to pull from our queue keep your eyes and ears open. There are so many posts to come – you wouldn’t believe. Shockingly SWEET!

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