Ahava Felicidad – First Commercial on Dr. Brown’s Healing Water

“So if you ask me what my favorite drink is for hydrating my body I will tell you hands down Dr. Brown’s Healing Water. I’ve tried so many hydrating drinks on my life’s journey and I know what works. Whenever a new electrolyte water came out I tried it. Electrolyte waters just tap or shock a cell to give short term results. As a former athlete, I know the benefits of hydration in the body and what is feels like to lack in performance due to dehydration. I have played softball, tennis, volleyball and trained in martial arts – HapKido as well as do Tai Chai techniques, bike ride, ice skate and rollerblade for fun. I live my life, guide my family and run my business with a mindset of long term and expansion. Dr. Brown’s Healing Water, also known as structurally enhanced or clustered water is the best hydrating body healing around. But hey, don’t just take my word for it. Try it yourself for 3 months or longer and then call, blog email me to share your results.”
Ahava Felicidad – The Holistic Hair Healer #gethydrated


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