Twist and Ride with Ahava Felicidad 1

So I’m not sure how many of these I will run mostly because I would rather be on my blades or ice skating but making the best out of being in the house for the workout while it’s ultra cold out there these days. If you are in New Jersey you know what I’m talking about. This has been a massive winter with snow showers every few days.

Being a December born human-you would think I would let the cold just float off my back. In some ways I do and I make the best of shoveling, thanking God for my health and strength whenever I have to go out and do that. Remembering to squat and not bend over.

So I am very thankful for having in indoor bike. It’s my first one and it’s a great addition to the family of my weight ball, thigh master, exercise ball and that circular thingee with the stretchy bands. Not stopping to check the name but I know I got it at Marshalls a few years ago and it reminds me of the old school toy the sit and spin – except you stand on it and can do all these cool arm exercises with the bands.

I’ll have to get on it and show it to you in another video so we can laugh together. I make like I’m skiing sometimes when I’m on it. Bucket list along with the snowboarding – which I’ve been told I better get to soon since I’m not getting any younger LOL. Anyone want to share that experience – let me know -I’ve already passed on the Ripstick as a giveaway once I got the hang of that on concrete.

Anywho, and you won’t hear me say that aloud but it just fit right in there – check me out on the bike and ride along now or at another time and we can do our hair together. Not as intense as spin classes I’ve been in but gets the body moving even if for only a few minutes. Take some time to massage too.

BTW the book I’m currently reading is Hair Story Untangling the Roots of Black Hair in America. See Essence Magazine pg 42 with Jennifer Hudson on the cover. I take the book in page by page for a few minutes a day usually in the morning or really late at night. Check it out and check back often – get on the mailing list – client exclusive invites to the book signing will go out first for our event coming up this spring.

Both authors will be presenting and it is the first of many cultural natural hair events hosted by Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body. I’m double excited to meet a Philly native and her co-author who is a professor at my alma mater in the school I’m degreed from – yes, I said degreed and ended it with from. Just because I can do that. Think out of the box, promote yourself in vivid color & quite un-traditionally. It works.

Happy Healthy Hair and Body




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