The “What If” Campaign February 15th 2014

Today marks the announcement of beginning our next “What If” Campaign for natural and organic products that are good for hair and body.

We will post on our distributed products and other people’s products and personalities.

This month’s campaign is in honor of African American History Month and will focus on topics and health concerns in current, history and culture of African Americans as well as lead into Women’s History Month.

You’ll LOVE the posts that will connect you with #terrific reads, #wonderful writing, #musical creations and more things that may be #shockinglysweet

Our campaign begins February 15th 2014 and ends March 15th 2014

Here’s our start:

What if you could drink clustered water aka structurally enhanced water- Dr. Brown’s Healing water and it helped you to feel better – hair and body?
The Dr. Brown’s Healing Water meetup is moved to next week due to the snow – enjoy the beauty – and we’ll see you next week
Monday Feb 17th 5:30-7:30pm Panera Bread Montclair, NJ USA with the Ahava Your Hair Open Forum taking place during the entire 2 hours -tips and advice, regime assistance, product recommendations – find out why your hair is so dry in the winter partly from:

Transepidermal Water Loss (TWL) or (TEWL) is a term associated with dermatology and connected sciences.[1]
It is defined as the measurement of the quantity of water that passes from inside a body (animal or plant) through the epidermal layer (skin) to the surrounding atmosphere via diffusion and evaporation processes.
Transepidermal water loss in mammals is also known as “insensible water loss” as it is a process over which organisms have little physiological control.


In layman’s terms – water is lost from our bodies everyday. When it’s cold outside and inside – even more water is lost so skin and hair are more dry than during the regular times of humidity and when there is moisture in the air. If you live in a cold weather area you are always needing to find ways to increase water intake – structurally enhanced water intake and foods and products rich in hydrating ingredients. Glycerin – although hydrating at the topical level is best used inside with warm temps, during the spring and summer because it is a sugar which can go hard & crunchy in the cold air in your hair. 

Take the Big Water Easy Challenge and see the changes hair and body.

Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body

serving naturals and those transitioning to natural through holistic care and guidance



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