It’s Fancy Free Friday! The Skin Care Skinny 2014 #2

Hey there! This month’s skin care skinny is about designing eyebrows.

I still need to practice this myself but for those of you who want to invest time in upgrading your appearance, the hair on your face has it’s own story. 

What is also nice about this video is that it lead me to links for other naturals I had not uncovered yet.

I have my own skincare recommendations for cleaning the face and makeup options for naturals looking for more options to chemical free blends.

Start with these companies: Andalou, Kiss My Face (love their obsessively organic line!), Dr. Brown’s Healing Water (use as a hydrating splash before applying or adding to liquid makeup), 100% PURE, and Burts Bees – there are more companies but start here and contact me for a consult on hair and body care. Most can be packaged with me as a custom order.

Happy Healthy Hair and Body



Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body


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