“What If” Campaign #3 Dance

Here you are with me and another “What If” Campaign post! 

Ahava Felicidad

Ahava Felicidad

Inspiration comes to me through the people I meet everyday and this one was  a sudden inspiration while checking the website of a natural I recently met.

So, dance is good for the body. What If you could find just a few minutes a day to dance? What would that do for your mind, body and soul? I am reminded to do this by my life coach and other inspirational women who support me on the journey of helping others. We are all a work in progress.

Dance is an essential art – it is as much a cultural, educational and spiritual experience as doing hair and have your hair done.  From African to modern to classical to praise – dance gets the body moving and circulation flowing.

As you read this you choose how to click and experience with me – I’m very interactive like that. So, I am about to insert a video link of one song I LOVE to dance to … Click here when you’re ready to dance along!

What If dance could boost your self-esteem and confidence and that of someone else? I think about that when I see dancers having so much fun, even from the audience – I am moved to move. Click here to see my shared post on an upcoming dance event local to those in New Jersey  -what I like to call Natural Jersey – since we are up and coming in the natural movement thanks to many naturals who have started companies and organizations that support the growth and expansion of being natural.

With this I will share the site of the Zaman Dance Theatre Collective. http://www.zamandancetheatre.com/

Which led me to think about famous African-American female dancers in history – one being Josephine Baker. See her below with what looks like mini-pineapples into cinnamon buns on her head. A classic style back then also a popular setting technique for naturals these days.


Here are some hair tips and products for those who love to dance:

“What If” you loved trying all of them?

Desert Essence Tea Tree pads for the scalp before or after dancing.

Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat or Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo lined lightly in the scalp before a workout/dance. This is one of the only times you will find me recommend any shampoo like this to a natural who knows to be on an exclusive co-wash regime. The other time is when there is excessive buildup of gel or mousse (even natural) then I still recommend a black soap cleanse first – handcrafted not pure unrefined.

Sunflower oil in a spray bottle with distilled, spring and/or structurally enhanced/clustered water for hydration. For the Sunflower oil – Whole Foods brand 365 will suffice and it’s organic. I would go with Poland Spring or 365 Brand on the regular water and Dr. Brown’s Healing Water for the clustered hair hydrating water.

Andalou Styling Spray is a great refresher – find out more about that in studio sessions and ask about ordering through custom packaging.

Jane Carter’s Leave In Conditioner Spray for your wavy curly hair that well taken care of.

Dr. Brown’s Structured Water for joint mobility and reducing aches and pains. Keeping the body hydrated.

Young Living Essential Oils: Carrot Seed for joint conditions, Helichrysum for skin, liver and nervous system, Eucalyptus for respiratory and more, Idaho Blue Spruce for muscle tension and emotional release and Marjoram for warming and soothing muscles after exercise. If you want to save a little and get more out of your dollars, you can choose to find products that include these essential oils.

Consult with me for how these essentials work in the hair and scalp, as they penetrate into the skin in 3 minutes and into the cells of our bodies in 30 minutes.

Hope you love this post as much as I loved writing it!

Happy Healthy Hair and Body





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