Loc Interview 2-Straight to Locced

Hey There! Ahava here with an interview from two naturals on the loc journey.

Everyone has reasons for cultivating locs- I will enjoy posting on loc journeys as much as I do my natural growth hair clients and affiliates. When some people see locs they make assumptions about the wearer-carrier-adorner. Locs to me are a spiritual process there is energy twisted into the locs- infused with every session – be it self care or hair care with a stylist, loctitian or other professional.

Care must be taken and it must be consistent care. Well loc grooming is important to many naturals who chose this hair journey.

So, I met with Emily and Mike, both naturals with locced hair. We talked about their journeys – Emily, having been locced once before started over because of beeswax buildup. She started her locs with beeswax and back combing with palm rolling. Those were cut out to start over with different product, same technique and crochet with a 12/1.00mm crochet tool!

When loccing hair it is best to use other natural ingredients that will not cause buildup in the hair.

  • I recommend different products based on hair texture density length and type.
  • Avoid petrolatum aka gasoline based products, shea butter by itself, and beeswax.
  • The intention to loc trumps product and technique is key.

The technique you see is offered as needed for loc clients of the studio. We start locs, full consultations on how to best start your locs, assist with cultivation and scalp care, deep treat, repair with thread, loc wrap (see Instagram), crochet, interlock and palm/fingertwist. If you need loc removal – we do that too.

Listen to some of our hair healing session chat here:

Ahava Felicidad with Emily and Mike – Straight to Locced

I LOVE crochet techniques- my weaving technique for crochet is different because I use a beader instead of a crochet tool so this technique I learned intrigued me.

Check out Emily on video showing how she crochets her locs

for growth and repair. 

Laughing and Lightening Things Up a Bit

On of us either said or did something funny that led to this:


You can find Emily doing her creative artist thing at:




You can schedule for consultations, hair healing sessions, classes, certification workshops and trainings, find out about joining Team Naturiotic and more by calling:


or sending a note to me at theholistichairhealer@ahavafelicidadhairbody.org

IG theholistichairhealer



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