Naturally Christina 1 -Team Naturiotic Tribute

I have so much to say about Christina. Since I can be eloquent, I will keep it brief . A client turned team member who first came to see me with her cutie pie daughter at the Dr. Brown’s Healing Water and Ahava Your Hair Open Forum in Montclair, NJ USA, Christina was on the transition to natural journey.

She began her journey March 2013. When I asked her why she made the transition to natural she told me “Because the chemicals were taking a toll on my hair and I liked the way Solange’s hair looked so I thought if it could look nice on her maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to stop using chemicals…”

We met in the fall of 2013 her main goal was to get her hair done and not put in another weave. She says she is more of a person to pay to get her hair done then to do it herself. I find this funny because she has been doing hair since her teen years and has some masterful skills. Hence, her now being a part of Team Naturiotic and entrusted with my cornrows. I LOVE having her do my hair. There is nothing like connecting with another skillful, talented, blossoming natural who can do your hair.

It’s Musical Mommy Monday and this is my end of the month tribute to Christina, whose skills span beyond hair braiding. You can find her on Instagram at choco_chris.



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In addition to her hair braiding skills this mommy does creative arts and crafts and does a little sewing…

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