It’s Always a Good Time for a Swim

It’s always a good time for a swim!

So I am asked many questions daily….

I LOVE this!

A Most recent FAQ:

Do you have info on prepping/treating natural hair for swimming?

A Most recent answer:

If you are ready to swim – some serious swimmers can do this:
1) Precoat with a natural leave-in conditioner in sections – jump on in and enjoy – precoat again as necessary – you may use more conditioner this way – whether in salt water or chlorine- this gives your hair a protective coating. Sunflower oil is also great since it absorbs the rays of the sun and is a protectant with loads of vitamin E – It could be used as an oil rinse or added to the leave in for more moisture.

2) Precoat with natural leave in conditioner or leave in conditioner with sunflower oil, then layer with a silicone, latex and then another silicone swim cap – Modell’s has been known to carry the over-sized Speedo swim caps that are great for women of color with masses of hair.

3) Mix and make an avocado pre-swim smoothie – I’ve made this before -just may do this for the summer again –
puree avocado, add olive oil and raw honey plus some extras for a pre-swim smoothie – for those who like to mix and make- find where I first found my “not so secret recipe” through the site and recently here:

4) Let’s not forget that I would, although rarely recommending any type of shampoo, suggest trying the Aubrey Swimmer’s Shampoo (more like a cleanser) for when you get out and then condition again or oil rinse. This is personal preference and a must for some hair textures. Every pool is different – public or private – with regards to the amount of chlorine or other chemicals are used to keep water “clean”.

Going the extra mile:

Also try this technique if you really want to keep the chlorine from getting to your hair- be mindful that if you are the type to “run” hot – you could find yourself sweating profusely (abundantly or excessively)- I would go one step further and add the essential oil of lavender for calming and cleansing – you can of course try other essentials based on your needs.



Happy Healthy Hair and Body




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