Everyone Is a Hair-Brain

Massage Massage Massage to stimulate hair growth as well as brain activity.

Not only is it critical for people to massage for stimulate hair growth – it is of utmost importance to massage to stimulate the brain activity that manages our bodies functions.

In my hairhealing and styling sessions, the wet massage, co-wash with Felicidad Hair Sugar and structurally enhanced water Dr. Brown’s Healing Water, your brain’s activity is being stimulated.

I remind clients and the public all the time to massage. Before the internal, the topical and the like.

You can start making a difference by massaging just 2 minutes a day.

Massaging the hair line with just your fingertips to start promotes brain activity in the prefrontal cortex (whatdayaknow). Trying to crack that idea open? Get massaging and get some more hair growing while you’re there.

Our hair is a protective covering for our scalp and all underneath. It is a direct extension of our central nervous system, hence, stress, dehydration and malnutrition will lead to hair loss. Lack of touch to the scalp and hair leaves them both feeling left out of the picture of your life since everything is connected. You can choose to stimulate brain activity through exercise, touch, mental activities like games and tutoring and meditation.

I remind my clients that when we massage the fringe area, we are activating long term memory, skills and activities.

Those with thicker hair on the right – tend to be more intuitive, more sensitive, subjective, musically inclined while being less logical, analytical or objective –  these are “left” brain functions.

Overall, most people use both sides or can use both sides, just happen to be stronger on one than the other.

I have noticed a pattern in my own clientele where out of 100s of clients, I’ve had less than 10 with thicker hair on the right.

When we talked in sessions, I’ve had to remind many of my lefties to take it easier, do more creative things and meditate more because overactivity on the left side in terms of stress has led to and does lead to the hair on that side growing slower or not at all. Thick YES. Long and supple, elastic, happy – NO.

This will show in all hair textures, densities and lengths although will be most prominent and visible for women of color with kinky and kinky curly hair who are in-charge, at-large, lacking self-care, and overwhelmed by life’s responsibilities, not admitting to it and having been trained/raised to think – did you read that? THINK – about everything – it’s time to do more INTUITING – be more CREATIVE and take better care of yourself.

Hair and all 

Treat yourself to some hair healing and styling – Conditioning Massage and Styling to easier maintenance of your tresses and locs.

Good to Know: using my Felicidad Hair Sugar – promotes massage – you can’t skip massaging while using hair sugar – it’s a part of the process and necessary in order to dissolve the sugar which exfoliates the dead skin cells on your scalp – those same dead skin cells, can and will over time, block hair growth.

Also Good to Know: Using one of my top distributor products- Dr. Brown’s Healing Water  – for drinking, spraying, adding to your natural care hair and scalp care products will hydrate you – provide cellular repair and detoxing, while clearing your skin and helping your hair to be more moist. Not to mention that hydration helps you to focus better, improves cognition and gives you more bounce to the ounce.

Even more Good to Know: Young Living Essential oils – the highest quality food grade essentials in the country (I’m a distributor) – are great for many reasons –

Basil and Peppermint in particular – when inhaled are known to boost brain functions.


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