3 Strand Flat Twisting for Corkscrew Definition

3 strand Flat Twisting is a great way to create a longer lasting twistout in kinky curly and kinky z pattern natural hair. 

I learned how to 3 strand flat twist one day just by doing it. I intuited it, then decided to look it up and found a few people on YouTube running videos on it back in 2009. What I saw was that the videos weren’t really clear so we provide this angle with the hopes that you can see more of the technique. Now, I can do this on myself and for clients and also teach it in certification workshops for natural stylists

You can come in and experience this service and natural stylists can do certification workshops by request. Parents/Caregivers can also request to do this as a FUN class with their daughters so caring for natural tresses at home moves to the next level. 

. Clients can classes on 2 strand 3 strand rope twisting and some learn these maintenance techniques in Renaissance Consultations. The PLUS is our most popular type of consult and can be reserved for individuals and groups.

Happy Healthy Hair and Body


You can reach me through Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body



Studio PURE by Ahava Felicidad

Upper Montclair, NJ 07043




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