Winner! All Things Natural Hair Expo 2014

BeFunky_unnamed (4).jpg

Hair Healing Experiences bring families together in ways you may never be able to describe in words.

Experience it for yourself. 



When you  are happy with your hair the universe hears you.

What will you tell the universe today?


Call 973-619-2855

to reserve, find out about specials that may not be posted on line – client exclusives are the norm in our “out of the box” experiences. Many custom packages available to meet your needs as a natural from Classic Deeps to 3 Strand flat twists, Crochet and Beading techniques and Brazilian Knotting.  Maybe you just want a really good scalp and hair cleanse  – shampoo free and paper towel only drying.

No where like this in the #hairuniverse until we train on our concepts…

Twitter & IG @ahavafelicidad

Twitter @afhb_brit

Twitter @afhb_jeanette


New Team members wanted in many dynamic positions. Work with a natural professional in haircare and styling over 30 years with a degree in Broadcasting Telecommunications and Mass Media from Temple University and more.

You have no idea how far you can go with Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body.




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