Ahava Felicidad Graces Oasis….

Here we are – some wonderful ladies who were a part of a mix and make at the new Oasis Salon and Beauty Lounge in South Orange, NJ USA.

Thank you to Ana the owner who called me in as a hair educator – and educate I will – mix and make – create and style to be great!

Ladies at this event learned how to make their own hair oil blend with spring water (never tap – say it with me – never tap), Dr. Brown’s Healing Water structured water for hydration. sunflower as a carrier oil and some great essential oils. Some love to buy, while others love to try – making it at home.

I believe in meeting naturals where they are at – so if like to buy it – feel free- call me – if you want to make it  – I’ll host a class and you can take it!

Now for the pics:

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 Ahava Felicidad is the owner and founder of Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body

Holistic Care and Styling for Naturals and Transtitioners

Education provided through consultations, haircare and styling, for clients, natural haircare enthusiasts, natural hair stylists – customized and specialty options for stylists, certification workshops, connect through care or membership.

Expanding options to serve you better #naturalswhowantmore stay connected to us. Relocation services to help you find a natural place to call your own if you move out of New Jersey.

Many services and classes available to salon and boutique owners including certifying stylists as Felicidad Hair Sugar Specialists.




Private care studio located in Upper Montclair, NJ USA by reservation

Studio available for natural hair events, pop-ups, artist exhibits – just ask Ahava for details on space. Join the team as a freelancer, membership coordinator, sales and marketing intern, communications intern or social media maven.

Scroll the page to see more articles, posts and video- then click to buy your membership because members get some sweet treats and get tickets to upcoming events on our ahavafelicidadhairandbody.eventbrite.com page



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