Progressive Exemplar Beautiful I

Progressive Exemplar Beautiful

Creative Crochet Updos with Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body

Call today to reserve $95 -$150 for Crochet Updos


This look, feel and style by Ahava Felicidad – hair healing and styling is more than a look. Clients who come to Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body are looking for more. More natural, more organic, more creativity, more education, more training and more support on the journey with independence building.

If you want truly healthy scalp and hair which starts from the inside out and by seeing a care professional consistently, then you have to have one or more experiences with the Ahava Felicidad Concept. With over 85 innovative techniques, use of natural products (especially great for those who have allergies and everything else has failed) and the skills to design Ahava Felicidad is your go-to-natural specialist.

All team members are hand-selected and will come with a range of expertise, skill and training. More training is offered with us so everyone can be successful and help more naturals.


Progressive Exemplar Beautiful Collage

Call today to receive training and information on joining Team Naturiotic

or email

Reservations include hair healing styling sessions; studio reservations for natural and holistic events; art exhibits; fashion pop ups with a sustainable edge like vintage, bamboo, organic, refurbish, upcycled -you get it ;0; hair & fashion photo shoots and the like.

Are you a stylist and need space to host a class or workshop?  We have something for you too!

Ahava Felicidad your certified natural care specialist, stylist, educator, Simplers Therapist Practitioner, graduate of Temple University’s School of Communications and Theater-Broadcasting Telecommunications and Mass Media with concentrations in Psychology, Human Development and Education and Urban Studies.

Ask about the Ahava Felicidad Natural Hair Enlightment Tour coming to your college, university, beauty school, boarding, prep, vocational, or traditional high school.


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