Anana’s 1st ever Crochet…

And it’s for her birthday!
Happy Birthday Anana!

So I met Anana at the Unstoppable Girls Retreat created by Caryl Lucas held at the Rutger’s University Paul Robeson Center in Newark, NJ USA. A wonderfully orchestrated event for the empowerment of teen girls and inspiring them to reach for their passions.

She had in kinky twists and was set up with her Tracy Lynn signature collections – a brand I first learned about a few years ago. I was holding down my daughter’s table because she was a panelist for the event. This gave me the opportunity to connect with many women who were there to support through volunteerism, entrepreneurship sharing and love.

Anana is a mother of three men who are sure to be great communicators and valued in our communities because she imparts that virtue naturally. She loves to be around women and help them to feel good about themselves and loves the “bling” of her accessories.

Now her hair is bling as well!
Check back another time for when she shares her own natural journey.



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