NJ’s First African-American Female State Trooper

Honored and blessed be in the presence of another history maker!
Meet Sharon – with Love of the natural journey never going back to relaxer -some great stories, passions and goals – not to mention great cheekbones and facial structure!

She holds many important roles. As the 1st African American female state trooper in NJ and 2nd African American trooper overall she has triumphed over many obstacles and had a unique career. One less obstacle in her life will be embracing her naturalness.

We have a few things in common- work for the public interest, safety and education as well as admiration of Sonya Sanchez and Nikki Giovanni. We both loved to write and grew up creative writing and writing poetry (yes, some of you did not know that about me).

We’ve both been in the presence of greats in African American history, culture and the arts. I had Sonya Sanchez as a professor in my days of undergrad at Temple University and Sharon met her during her time at Union College in NY. Check the Roots and Culture page for more on that since Sonya’s influence was one of my major reasons for going natural in the late 90’s.


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